Black-Identity Extremists and Animal-Rights Activists

Those least able to defend themselves are the most exploited, while the most protected and most propertied count themselves among the most victimized. Western Civilization is a testament to white greed, to white power, and to white presumption.

Property is Theft.

The 5 Largest U.S. Landowners Own More Land Than All of Black America Combined

Mediterranean Avenue is the only property owned by people who are not White — and Whites can’t wait to gentrify it too.

The bureau labeled “black identity extremists” and animal rights activists as top terrorist threats.
The FBI defines black identity extremists as people who “use force or violence in violation of criminal law in response to perceived racism and injustice in American society.”

“Animal rights/environmental extremists” and “anti-authority extremists” were also deemed top existential threats.

The Root: Black News, Opinions, Politics and Culture.

I recommend visiting Kreb Talk for more on such incidents.

The FBI sorts “terrorists” by certain key criteria. Forty percent of the terrorists documented by the FBI are white, yet they are classified as lesser concern for investigation than blacks.

Trump is racist at the molecular level. His every word unequivocally screams it. How many manifestos does it take for that mere fact to sink in? Or am I toeing the line of political correctness by decrying full-throated hate speech?

Marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 Federal crime, employed since Nixon for speedily incarcerating Blacks, enforced to incarcerate political resistance on the war, climate catastrophes, unilateral US-declared regime changes in countries such as Venezuela that have large fossil-fuel reserves.

I suppose I’m just an anti-racist, animal rights activist/anarchist, climate-catastrophe adherent, anti-authority extremist. Unapologetically even.

Close all concentration camps — including the concentration camps (“meat”-processing facilities) that kill sentient beings by the trillion and threaten an extinction event in the process. An extinction event that would take no prisoners.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

18 thoughts on “Black-Identity Extremists and Animal-Rights Activists”

  1. You’re not alone. I’m an ‘an anti-racist, animal rights activist/anarchist, climate-catastrophe adherent, anti-authority extremist’ as well and happy to be so ~ George

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  2. Some interesting observations here, Bill, especially about property and marijuana. The amount of vile skulduggery that goes on to keep power in the hands of the few, continues to be eye-watering.

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      1. I don’t mind people being wealthy, I just object to how many of those with wealth are able to manipulate laws, systems, and governments to suit their preferred method of wealth accumulation. Like you, I guess I’ll be an anarchist – or should that be ‘terrorist’ – until I die. Lol!

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        1. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos pays zero taxes, but the line-workers he commands do pay taxes and do not have cushy jobs by any means. Productivity gains accrue to the few and the discrepancies continue to widen into enormous chasms. Anarchism is widely misunderstood and is highly underrated. Thanks for being a terrorist 🙂

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    1. Thank you, ospreyshire. Manifest Destiny has always been manifestly White in its intentions. You will always know them by their greed, rapaciousness, and their self-whiteousness. Every square inch of territory conquered and settled reflects it, every minute of Western Civilization’s chronology, and every word written in classroom history books is a brazen lie. How many African nations have ever set out to subdue the planet?

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      1. You’re welcome, Bill. That’s definitely true about Manifest Destiny. It’s so parasitic on many levels. Everything is filled with lies and I’ve been uncovering more of it as time goes on. Very good question, and I never saw any global domination happening from the minds of that continent let alone the motivation.

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  3. Jeff Bezos in #1 on my list of terrorists – boycott Amazon! Boycott Amazon! It’s up to people, individuals, to be the change they want to see. There is no point yarming about the rich, the exploiters, the war-mongering mass murderers and genocidal maniacs the like of Trump and co. It’s up to individuals to realize, to recognize, that their beliefs don’t match their reality and change their beliefs. There is no draft so why are there idiots joining up? If training to kill innocent, helpless people is thought of as “a job” then where is the conscience? No arms are being twisted here, it’s a choice. Where are the incensed crowds protesting a fascist regime incarcerating refugees and separating children from their parents for no reason but to spread terror? Where are the massive protests agains trillions being spent to maintain the empire’s 1000 plus military bases world wide and its endless wars? Why are people still eating meat when it’s a known fact it is healthier to be common sense vegetarian? I’m getting mad so quitting here… my list against individual stupidity is practically infinite.

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    1. Thank you so much for the incisive arguments, Sha’Tara. The very name “Amazon” — including its little A ===> Z arrow — evokes those photographs of the full-scale assault, the scorched Earth remaining after the planet’s lungs are eviscerated and then sold on the “free” market. Bolansaro, representing Brazilian Fascism, is cohort to “Trump and co.” The munition behemoths atop the most profitable “enterprise” in the world economy send cannon fodder soldiers to a frontless war, and they have plenty help inventing empty patriotic lies to stoke the flames of nationalism. Drone technology now deals death by proxy to the most innocent and the most marginalized and it also supercharges the logistic chains that sell the biomass of the Amazon at the lowest price possible. Amazon even suckers private fundraisers to shop Amazon so that those fundraisers can get a percent of the action. Full-circle nausea.
      My “list against individual stupidity is practically infinite” too.
      Thanks again, Sha’Tara, for your voice and verve!


      1. I forgot to mention that the Amazonian scorched Earth is converted to cattle-grazing operations to feed the insatiable appetite for dead cows on the “free” market. Go Vegan!


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