You can be racist to the marrow and yet declare that each of your bones is bigotry free.

Racism gets results. Racism garners votes. Racism even improves approval ratings.

Trump’s approval with Republicans rose by 5 points in a poll taken after his racist tweets

Reverse racism is as prevalent as Marxist Fascism. Literally.

Nice People — a short post I published on July 16, 2015, exactly one month into the Trump Era, the original essay of the same name was written by Bertrand Russell in 1931.

I have never seen so many nice people as I am seeing today. Racism finds comfort in White niceness, traditions, heritage, genealogy, histories. Any complicity with this nation’s wanton acts of evil gets glossed over with thick coatings of wash. Is genocide a sad but necessary concomitant of destiny? The price of progress, culture, and civilizations forged by the European? “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs” has convinced many an apologist of genocide , including Walter Duranty, Pulitzer Prize winner and fervid Stalin apologist.

History is taught to bow to the founding fathers: to the White men who conquered the Lands to serve the greater cause of manifest (if you are White) destiny. Destiny led to the genocide of Indigenous Peoples by the million, eliminating tribes by the hundreds, and destroying wild animals by the billion.

Remember why we really remember the Alamo — to nationalize Mexican land to the Rio Grande and up the Pacific sand, but to keep the cool-sounding Spanish town names.

The proper study of mankind is (White?)man, according to essayist Alexander Pope (1799), a self-referential congratulatory assumption by an author who just happens to be a White man. White men define Western Civilization to represent millenia of advances, that you have the White man to thank for all discoveries, inventions, science, technology, art, literature — including the plunder and pillage that happened along the way. The history books of the 1950’s credited a single Black, George Washington Carver, with the invention of peanut butter. End of story. Never was Eli Whitney and his cotton gin ever forgotten. History classes are always propaganda mills. Reverse racism is spirit-deadening stuff.

Erasing racism requires nothing short of recompense, retribution, and reparation. How much stolen principal and long-term interest has accrued in the coffers of the descendants of White Europeans who eviscerated the lives of Blacks stolen from the very birthplace of mankind.

My ancestors arrived from Catholic Europe. They left a worse place for a better place, but not in the holds of slave ships. Does that matter? Yes. Enormously. “Send the back” rewards the liar and the echo chamber resounds with the latest racist soundbite. The number of Black voices in the U.S. Catholic presence is miniscule in size, and you’ll never hear any programming that addresses the “inexplicable” absence of Black congregants. EWTN raged at Obama, the worst POTUS conceivable. With a plurality of 5 Catholics on SCOTUS, their affection for Trump is more than palpable.

Black citizens were lynched by the thousand in this country — hate can be very self-righteous. Lynchings were a public spectacle that drew large crowds. Newspapers would announce their commencement for the convenience and edification of their readers. Did you know that the majority of the curious attendees were White? Does it matter that the majority of attendees were White, that there just may have been a few reverse racists in those public gatherings at the town square? Of course, it is impossible to rule that out statistically.

Nice, respectable, hardworking, decent Americans who enjoyed law and order, voted for judges who were tough on crime. The nastiest criminals get away with it while remaining “pillars of society.”

The police could not (or would not) protect the victims from the mob. This is still the case. Racism defends the guilty while destroying their victims and making their victims serve the time.

White-Supremacist identity politics is jealous, sensitive-to-criticism, it is a privileged brand of entitlement. White Supremacy is a never expiring card that has its privileges. In short, it is a wild card, a Trump card — THE race card.
White-Supremacist identity politics wages endless war to fuel the most profitable economy on the planet: Munitions. A bullet expended, or a bomb exploded, or a drone destroyed triggers a purchase order for replacement. “The Defense Department” is an ugly misnomer, another piece of propaganda in the wall.

K-12 is Whitewashed propaganda served up as patriotism, disinfected of any facts that do not fit the White narrative, delivered in soundbites approved by a Texas textbook-approval mill and taught in all 50 states in the same bland white-bread way. No one wants to be lied to, to be confronted with opposing views that question the narrative.

Blacks have access to fewer-and-fewer decent schools, yet are blamed for being undereducated. Always.

Blacks get sent to prison early and often, incarcerated for minor infractions or trumped-up infractions, or for existing while Black. Kalief Browder was not the exception to that rule. Private prisons operate under the principle: one prisoner, one unit of profit.

Black youngsters such as The Central Park Five fear the police for profoundly good reasons. Trump is the poster boy for racists wannabes from coast to coast. A vaunted and respected voice that speaks not a word of decency.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

18 thoughts on ““AND SOME, I ASSUME, ARE GOOD PEOPLE.””

    1. Always good to hear from you, Rosaliene. Thank you for being a beacon!
      The most distanced from the scenes of the crimes are the very ones who profit enormously by keeping plunder, bloodshed, and sorrow inescapable. Greta Thunberg is someone I follow daily, and it buoys me to know that I’m not the only one so buoyed.

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  1. Beliefs. Mere thought convictions without substance then defended with the hormones. It’s fight or flight time I do believe. And religion is the cancer that initiates gullibility and division. Acclimated to belief, belief in conspiracy theory and belief in god go hand in hand. But the very people that are supposed to love the most, will condemn a man because of a belief that took now effort or academic to acquire.
    Sort to say your post depresses me. How do we win this?

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    1. It’s a wrenchingly depressing post indeed, is it not. I quite agree with you on the gullibility and division done in the name of all the religions that demonize contrarian thinkers or free thinkers. A crime scene is blessed for its sacrificial value. Mistranslations become sacred dogmas and are repeated endlessly like a holy mantra. Living outside the U.S. for a couple of years permanently adjusted my perspective — something that true believers might call brainwashing. Learning Arabic is allowing me to at least peer into much-demonized victims of propaganda. Arabs are by far the largest number of Semitic peoples (310 million), but it is not considered antisemitic to endlessly curse them.

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  2. The founding father crap is a hoax, a patriotic propaganda ploy from the get-go, serving to divide, serving only the elite white males. Important to remember, not every white male is an elite, as some have cast us—like to portray us. These thus serve their own prejudicial victim-hood to their racist, grievous pleasures. Screw them, too. I’m not apologizing for my whiteness.

    And there you have it, they have succeeded, these white-elite bastards, pitting us against one another. Insolvably so.

    Anyone who thinks racism, political and otherwise, is at an all-high peak since the election of Trump hasn’t been paying attention.

    Well parsed, Bill.

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    1. Sturgeon’s Law, written in the 50s by that eponymous science fiction, Theodore Sturgeon, states that 90% of everything is crud. The crud memorized in classrooms is approaching 99% methinks. Divide and conquer is a tried and truly awful set of matching tools used to establish control and to maintain it. The planet’s richest 26 own the same wealth as the poorest half. Fifty-two rather enormous carbon footprints — poor number 27 will just have to try harder, I guess. So do not get ready to apologize for anything, Peter.

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  3. I appreciate the blunt facts and truths. As a society we frequently are led by lies and false bravado, I for one am grateful for the facts. We could all do to have more truth in our lives. Thanks for the post.

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    1. Thank you for the kind comment, Jade. Jonathan Swift wrote satire with the express intention of breaking through the “lies and false bravado” that served as a veneer for an Empire so very proud of its prowess.
      Though misattributed to Mark Twain, it was Swift who wrote:
      “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”
      Of course, on the internet it travels much faster. 🙂


  4. My apologies for the broken link to the Oxfam International study, for your convenience I am also including it here:

    There is something mildly obscene about 26 people controlling half of the planet’s wealth. IMHO anyway.

    I shall name just the richest person on that list: Jeff Bezos.

    “Amazon is basically paying a -1 percent federal income tax rate this year after reportedly paying a federal rate of more than 11 percent between 2011 and 2016, according to The Week.”

    And I bet that the other 25 resemble Bezos more than this composite picture of 7 billion men:


  5. On point. I’ve seen that logic firsthand and I’ve also been subjected to subtle racism or White denial from people. Whether it’s pointing out racist undertones in movies or uncomfortable parts of history, I’ve had people freak out when I mention those things. This “good people” or “my best friend is Black” comments are rhetorical dodges from bigots.

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    1. Whites should be the most self-loathing race on the planet. What other race even comes close to the crimes committed in the name of Western Civilization? Yet, they absolve themselves and distance themselves every single time. Whites excel at plunder, slavery, torture, murder — then they justify each hideous deed as something that happened in the past, that they’ve since worked the evil out, advanced the arts and the sciences to such an extent that they are ready to forgive, forget and to move on, to declare that it is all a level playing field now.
      They don’t want to think poorly of themselves, so they freak out, so they get embarrassed and fumble for excuses. Though there is no excuse. Having it all is not enough to sate their appetite for much much much much more and to congratulate themselves for their cleverness. To the winners at the top of the so-called food chain go the spoils. Yum. Burp.

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