Self-Whiteous Supremacism: A System

Yesterday, I listened to a conversation between a couple “historians” who shared great misgivings about The 1619 Project — they were not there to criticize the projects accuracy.

Racism is not healthy for children and other living things.


Racists thrive by disavowing accurate and unfavorable facts that go against their narrative . The validity of those disturbing historical facts is not the issue, their concern: it casts the Founding Fathers unfavorably. The myth is more important than reality. The Roman Catholic Church in the USA does not have many Black congregants, Black Lives Matter did not matter as soon as news of looting made its way through Mother Angelica’s EWTN rightwing broadcasters. I am not aware of any sizable Roman-Catholically leftwing broadcasters. Does it exist?

Unacknowledged racism is not inadvertent, it is systemic. These two “historians” saved their final salvo for last, the issue of reparations —a magical incantation that clears rooms quickly. Restitution turns upon a qui bono: to whom does it benefit? Following the money does not benefit the myth makers. What of the trillions of dollars of benefits forgone, of dreams deferred until Hell ices over? Does it matter that slavers did receive recompense from the US government? Of course neither of these esteemed “historians” ever owned slaves — QED enough for the audience, QED enough for the host and guest. White Lives Matter, Trump is a God-send.

Former slaves and the descendants of those slaves (ADOS) have been adding trillions of dollars to white coffers since 1619. How many trillions of dollars of value brought the USA from an agrarian to an industrial economy? Is it best to issue a check in the amount of $0 trillion? Blacks who have immigrated to the US did not arrive in chains, did not survive the trip from Africa only to be auctioned to the highest bidder — hence the need for ADOS perspectives. The 1619 Project is not subtitled “Mistakes Were Made.”

The only “immigration” papers available to ADOS were the names appearing on shipping manifests and bills of lading. Jamestown welcomed the first forced human resources.

When sold at auction ADOS became slaves in perpetuity, under penalty of law.

In the name of their omni-God and respective flags, the monarchs sent their “exploring heroes” and a well-regulated militia to grace history book soundbites memorized over generations. The coiled snake is a favorite: Don’t tread on me, the white man in the room.

American “educators” instill the same familiar names on the same timelines from school year to school year, from one generation to the next, from one century to the next. Racism has always run rather rampant in the USA. It’s a white-eat-black world.

Received history is sanitized history, thickly covered in whitewash. Is genocide, slavery, rape, and plunder a cultural good? Is it the unavoidable price of progress, culture, and civilizations forced to fit a celebrated European white supremacist system?

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.” Walter Duranty, Pulitzer Prize winner and fervid Stalin apologist.

Received histories are tales of white-supremacist conquerors and bounty collectors. Do you need a reason to justify wanton greed, torture, and death when your “civilization” casts its warriors as God-fearing gentlemen eager to bring the “good news” of genocide and land theft to those standing in their path?

Regime change pretty much describes the United States of America’s MO. Venezuela is manifestly destined to become a client state of the US, its enormous oil reserves require a puppet regime. Bolivia was recently blessed with a regime change. It seems that their soil contains the rare-earth element lithium required for a new generation of handheld computers. Capitalism is white-ordained privilege. Greed feeds the needless with the pennies of the needy.

White supremacy is complicity by complexion. The only thing you need to know about European world domination — European facial characteristics. White conventional wisdom — do things in the great white way: get away with as much as you can, with every ounce of guile and greed you can muster. Never accept responsibility. Remember that selfishness is a virtue. Keep a good stock of scapegoats in the barn.

The crime committed by ADOS — existing while Black.

Manifest Destiny: a manifesto condemning indigenous peoples to systemic genocide.

Senator wants to ‘save’ US history from New York Times

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

18 thoughts on “Self-Whiteous Supremacism: A System”

  1. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:

    I will comment by referring to another post I received today from: and quote: “Last week, when the billionaire neo-colonialist Elon Musk was confronted on Twitter about how his company is benefiting from the Washington-perpetrated coup in Bolivia, he replied with a statement that encapsulates the ugly nakedness of current U.S. imperialism: “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.” I have a feeling that when the world looks back on 2020, the time when the U.S. lashed out with such great violence when faced with its imperial decline, Musk’s declaration will be seen as the moment when the mask of the empire came off.” Well, no wonder they want the rest of us to wear masks!


    1. I toiled quite a bit on this blog entry, Sha’Tara. Your reblog means a great deal to me, it’s an honor to appear at your site. Please know that you encourage me to carry on, and to do so with determination!

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  2. Bill, words simply fail me. As I sit here at 1:19a.m. unable to sleep, I was reading this and it moved me. It literally moved me. I cannot do justice to reblogging this right at this moment, but you can best believe that I will be reblogging it and I cannot thank you enough for putting this one together and sharing it with us.

    Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

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    1. You are profoundly welcome, Shelby. It is a privilege to join with you in speaking for ADOS, to scrape off 401 layers of whitewash — one blog entry at a time.


  3. Times are changing although all you write is very true. But today the Chinese become more and more a dominating Empire by multiple ways of economic measures worldwide. They buy ports in South-Africa, Greece or elsewhere. They give loans to Pakistan or Ethiopia for partially stupid infrastructure projects realized of course only by Chinese engineers and works, a colonial approach which makes African or other countries dependent on the good will of China. Europeans do and did the same of course in the past, but China now a super-power and soon no. 1 in the world. Racism is also existing in China for example in regard of the Muslim Uigurs, and the Chinese I have seen last year in Czech Republic were really quite arrogant and gave the impression that they are of course something better, I don’t know why!

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    1. Thank you for the mention of China. My son follows China quite keenly; he has found some good stuff put together by independent and insightful information on the very strange dynamics, including vestiges of the Cultural Revolution that still influence decisions. ADV China is a great source for clues, by two guys who are bold witnesses. Here is a link to their respective YouTube vlogs:

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  4. That is such a well-written post. I’m glad you’re shedding light to these various issues about racism.

    “complicity by complexion” I’m so going to use that quote. It’s short, yet highly effective.


        1. Thank you most kindly for the hooray, ospreyshire. I had not thought that ‘complicity by complexion’ would be a novel search on Google, but it is now the working title for my next blog posting 🙂

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  5. Your latest post disappeared now, so thanks for your answer on my comment. I am glad to live in a city where nearly half of the people are secular (Berlin) and not member of any church whatsoever, I left Catholic church in 1973, but the Catholics are really harmless when compared with these extremist fundamentalists in your country or Brazil. These evangelists are growing here as well, but only one religious sectarian minority under many others Cheers. Ulli

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    1. The are some loose strands on my latest post so I took it offline, am tying the strands today. Even the US Catholic Bishops do not deny that 80% of their flock flees after leaving high school. That house of cards topples rather easily. We have a police system that pays high salaries for those with a high-school education. The KKK and various kindred white-supremacist organizations like it that way and voters of both moribund political parties elect judges who proclaim themselves “tough on crime.” Deep racism keeps the school-to-prison system fueled. And so it still goes.
      Cheers. Bill


      1. Sometime ago I have compared the figures of prisoners in Russia and the USA. Quite bizarre, in USA the number of people in prison is double so high than in Russia (i.e. percentage of population). I do not understand why Western governments in Europe do not protest against all this somehow organized killing of innocent people by police, injustice and pre-fascist developments in your country. Instead Russia is always blamed for whatever it does (also not always the nicest things indeed). Nobody discussed sanctions however against the USA when it invaded Iraq for eliminating Sadam Hussein leading to all the great chaos and warfare of the past 8 years in the Middle-East.

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        1. Bizarre indeed, Ulli. The prisoner-industrial complex has also been privatized to an enormous degree. Many self-whiteous people over here. Prisons are predominately populated by poor Blacks who have no way to pay the bail — just one example is the story of Kalief Browder, a 15-year old Black kid who spent three years in a New York City maximum security prison. I wrote about it here:

          We may be two months away from full-blown Fascism. Trump will use every means possible to stay in the White House.
          You are completely correct about the chaos precipitated by the invasion of Iraq. No lessons were learned from Vietnam or from the opportunities to become better world citizens after 9/11. Not a very good track record.


          1. Ulli’s comment and your response make total sense to me. When propaganda and advertising are accepted as truth by the rank and file nothing changes until the propaganda makers destroy themselves from a growing series of corrupt practices.

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