billziegler1947: Lebenslauf (the run of my life, i.e. resumé/curriculum vitae)

For reference purposes only.

I started studying the Geography of the Middle East in 1965, two-years before the Six-Day War (in Arabic the Naksa: that word denotes “everything turned upside-down.” It is still upside-down. I was 8 months old of the Nakba happened: the catastrophe. The history of Palestine lines up year by year with my life events.

Refugees again. This time in 1967. Naksa.

My studies continued at Kansas State where I completed my M.A. followed by a year of post-graduate studies at Justus Liebig Universitãt in Giessen, West Germany. I was there during the Summer Olympic Games in Munich, unfortunately I have not yet visited Palestine nor the country that became its occupier in 1948.

Also learning Arabic العَرَبِية language, Geography of Palestine, the Right of Return, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 



Getting Around in German at Tristate German-American School for 22 years 1989 – 2013. Hundreds of language learners get together on Saturday mornings. At one time German was the language of half Cincinnati. The takeaway: learn languages to remove borders and barriers, not to isolate them into competing camps.

Freelance translator on Proz.com , a gathering place and port for translators with any language skill. My particular translation pair: German to English. It’s a way to spend your entire day in another language. But now I can watch YouTube in German and learn Arabic at the same time.


Established first Vendor Master Database for SAP at P&G. 140 supply chains with separate vendor data collected into one. It all happened around Y2K. Computer code is language too. Code is also a way to communicate. 





Electronic Circuit Materials Division in Blanchester OH. They finally got an automated business system : 1980 to 1987. They liquidated the business in 1987 and I returned to U.C. and the teaching trade. But I still have several memory boards from the CIP 2200B minicomputer, manufactured in South Lebanon OH. Those boards are suited to framing and look great next to my slide rule. Ten-key adding machines and an HP programmable calculator. The computer came equipped with 96-column card readers. We had a single Apple II-e with an 80-character screen.


University of Cincinnati: Department of Geography 1965-1969 B.A.


Kansas State University: Department of Geography 1969 – 1971 M.A.



Return to the University of Cincinnati. This time German Languages and Literatures, 1987 – 1993 M.A.

migration routes around the 800 C.E.
migration routes around the 800

Justus Liebig Universität, Gießen, West Germany
Germanistik and Geography 1971 – 1973 giessen



Bill’s avatar: Mandrake Mumbletunes: a moose.

Lisa’s avatar: Gretel: an owl.

Where Mumbletunes met Gretel – under the names of Prufrock and Elle: TriStateOnline in 1993. tristate-online-74036608A good place to meet a soulmate. We connected to the Unix box that contained the electrons at the mind-numbing speed of 1200 baud.IMG_0637

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10 thoughts on “aboutbillziegler1947”

    1. Hello Violet, sorry for the incredibly very long delay in responding to your very kind comment.
      I have indeed ridden quite a few metaphoric rollercoasters and metaphoric games of Chutes and Ladders. But it’s always wonderful to realize that each of us, including all the marvelous fellow-travelers who are endlessly exploited for the value of their protective coverings, tissue, bone and marrow. Your gifts at revealing your strong and gentle heart — actually transforming them in your comics into what they genuinely already are.
      Once devoted in this way it becomes impossible to deny complicity for a disturbing appetite. Know that your work finds welcome all over this planet we should always share 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind reply, da AL
      My two years of Latin from ’61/’62 introduced me to inflections. About ten years ago I relearned the Latin. I’ve been told that people who suffer from piped-in music ear-worms are instinctively better at language learning.
      I’m getting ready to write about converting numbers to letters. Back in the 70’s there was a memory fad based on something called the ‘Major System.” It was mostly a parlor game thing — memorizing long numbers by converting each digit into a consonant. When stuck in traffic I would use the system to read license-plate numbers by creating words in my mind. Lisa is my sound board for such things that interest her not one single bit 🙂
      We each had dial-up connections to a local telephone company that provided the bulletin board as a public service. There were a number of boards for different interests in 1993. I saved our correspondence on 5 1/4″ discs and printed them out on a dot-matrix printer. One year — for her birthday — I went through and annotated them for a ring binder. She still has it. 🙂

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  1. You’re a doll and she’s beautiful. The Cloud and esme knows that the best of hearts gravitate towards each other, sometimes too late, sometimes at just the right time. Like you two. By the Gods and Medium-sized Dogs, the webernet sometimes is worth its weight in the finest gold.

    – esme dancing with them both upon the Cloud ❤


    1. I shared your graceful and soothing responses with Lisa — she agrees with you on both counts 🙂 We complement each other and compliment each other by being differently demeanored souls.
      Northern European plodder philosopher meets Southern European singer/dancer/ebullient poet.

      Lisa — Pisces, Chinese zodiac Tigger, Owl, night-persona, Esmeesque
      Bill — Virgo, Chinese zodiac Piglet, Moose, morning-persona, Hariodesque.
      Expressing gratitude now to each Medium-sized Dog who weighs the gold (Au) in each of us for each of us. Them is great doggers!
      We enjoyed the splendid dance — ankles never grow weary on an Esmean Cloud.
      Many hearts ❤ ❤ ❤ to everyone reading these thumbnails 🙂

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