Focus on the Criminals at the Crime Scene

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Belatedly yours, Bill

Taking up where I left off…

Katja Herbers is a fellow Climate Emergency activist who uses her fame to rail against a very few criminals who must be charged at the World Court. At the earliest — immediately. Reason enough to join Twitter, a place where I also express deeply-held beliefs that are also enormously controversial (@billziegler1947). I draw a thick line in the sands of Palestine. This invisible line is visible when “filtered” thus:

Fossil-fuel behemoths are attempting Planetcide; there is no room on the table for minced mush and fact finagling in this matter. These are the guys with the smoking gun that never stops billowing the scent of gunpowder, the whiff of gasoline.

There are courtrooms large enough to contain each CEO. We need to see the kind of action that recently concluded in the January 6 hearings — at the very least. Those hearings resulted in some amazing rulings, but the ringleader is still at large in Florida, cowering and fuming in his ever mad state of mind. The 45th President’s deluded rantings were already pointing to another four years slashed from the already desperately-short time available when he swept himself down the escalator to the cheers of an adoring throng who had been paid $50 a head for the privilege of standing there with their useful vacant minds.

His fetid droppings have turned to an ash that now settles slowly in the waste bins of history, from this point forward, from this glance backward. But the four years are marked with a grubby label: “No returns accepted.”

Now is the time to convict all the fossil-fuel scoundrels who remain at the scene.

Perhaps Putin — who seems to be in a Mar-a-Lago of his own choosing at the moment— may wish to seek asylum in Palm Springs. The two deserve each other, they could share war stories. Vladimir could fondle his pet and coo his concern.

If you have access to Paramount Plus, I highly recommend that you consider viewing the first three seasons of Evil —Season 4 is presently in production. A plug for a fellow traveler of Planet A who is screaming with the rest of us.

Full disclosure: Not for the squeamish. But climate catastrophe is presently rated a wholesome G: for all audiences. So make your own choices, but do not make them frivolously.

This is not the time to shrug, to dismiss climate “change” as one of those things we cannot alter. As if it would then disappear in the very act of wishing. “I want you to begone, and that will make it so?” Let’s say it’s another day in a Poor Richarde’s Almanac sort of way. Trivialize reality and see if it doesn’t trivialize you first.

And never let your attention be diverted by sleight-of-hand confidence artists who write in public-service-announcement guise. It’s still propaganda. Yes, Chevron, we know that you do not want a clean environment too.


Last Friday, as the Arctic Cyclone gave us one more reminder that climate change is always banally ignored, knowing that its presence has already been cold fact for some long time now.

Yesterday, I expressed the hope that this untoward air mass from Siberia might just be a harbinger of hope, that it might stir some Republican mind-fogged-space-fillers into an awakened state. No. Woke is for what they call “The Democrat Party”, the tree-huggers, the environmental wackos, the party-spoilers, hippies of the 1960s and 1970s, the ones who buried a car one day in April. The cruelest month.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

3 thoughts on “Focus on the Criminals at the Crime Scene”

  1. Ah, the climate science deniers and their knee-jerk response to cold weather: “So much for ‘global warming, eh?” Clueless morons.

    I don’t have Paramount+. That ‘Evil’ show looks interesting, though it reminds me of ‘Supernatural’, which I binged on for a while some years back but eventually gave up in disgust on because it was clearly going nowhere.

    Thanks for the heads-up about that viral video; I hadn’t seen that one! It’s brilliant, and I’ve now subscribed to Hyperobject Industries (they released a new one, ‘A Love Letter from Darth to Exxon’, a few weeks ago). You kind of hid it, though: I followed the ‘TruthOut’† link only to find that it links to that Chevron ‘don’t give a… ‘ image so I searched for ‘Chevron’ and found this article which had the video embedded in it; and, as the ‘Chevron Ad’ belongs with your post here, here ’tis:

    † I think TruthOut do a great job (I donate a small sum to them every month to try to help them keep going).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Colin,
      The Roundtuit of this geography has taken the three-dimensional form of Sisyphus’ Rock — a fraction of a millimeter per day. Petal’s health trumps (not to be confused with the tr*mp now fading away in the way of fellow black-eyed Murderer Murdaugh) all other hands.
      Most of my writing occurs at

      It’s where I am presently staging a slew of posts at a future date — Roundtuitude rules, of course. Roundtuitude: a DuckDuckGo unique. 🙂
      At least, there be no trace of writer’s block at the various billziegler1947 stamps on the Internet. 🙂
      I’ve been spending productive time with the DuoLingo Arabic Language aficionados. In the Emerald League now. Also doing some Arabic calligraphy for the Ambiguoid sketches. 🙂

      Thanks for writing about the critically important aspects of climate change.
      Double Thanks for your kind words, kind Sir!


      1. Roundtuits rue (pun intended) run/rue the day here — routinely. With any luck, I had already responded on Wibble. What gives with mad dashes?
        I thank you for this considered advice, and for helping TruthOut; true journalism becomes a rarer commodity with each day.
        My interim plans include being around — ARoundForIt? — to launch a new enterprise: BillZiegler2047. Wer weiß?

        من يعرف؟

        Mach’s gut, Colin!


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