Why I am proudly antifa

Very proudly


Anti-Fascism is something to be damned proud of. It was well understood during WWII, a conflict that many people in this country understood very well at the time. This is a population that is now mostly deceased. Succeeding citizens do not have a direct memory of the deadly threat to liberty and freedom posed by Fascism. The late, not-so-great President Trump is, quite simply, a friend of the Fascist. It should be unthinkable to hold any position that is pro-fascist, the current parlance might suggest that these are the anti-anti-fascist. Trump, his propagandists, and his true believers find no problem in flying a false flag that identifies anyone who is not with them as being someone who is against them. Have you ever heard one of these adherents try to explain what the hell is wrong with someone who is against Fascism. Yet the term “antifa” appears to be an unquestioned label for anyone who is to the left of a far-right (may I say Fascist) sensibility (or lack of sensibility, subtlety is not their strong suit).

Who to label as ANTIFA? You might want to start with the most-exploited caste in US society: the undocumented. These are the only people who fill the unwanted jobs in the crop-fields, in slaughterhouses, at other vile jobs. Yet, they are the most productive people in the country by far. How many of you can name a single person who works at such jobs? These people are widely suspected to be living it up at the expense of everyone else and simultaneously suspected of being criminals on the prowl. What time do they have to prowl around and commit dastardly deeds? They certainly will never receive social security benefits by using a phony SSN, yet their pay is made even less each week when thee funds are automatically deducted. These misunderstood people contribute inordinately to the GNP, they are not criminals, do not mix with the general population to spread Covid, something that requires mixing in with others. They cannot do this because it is too dangerous to go public. They do not have the leisure to complain about their plight. They are absolutely not more likely to be criminals in our midst.

Who would offer aid and comfort to such a population? Of course, the anti-fascists. Isn’t Fascism known for its tolerance and open mindedness? Let us take a look at this group identified as suspect to the core.

Many documented citizens who carry Social Security Cards feel themselves mistreated and marginalized by THE GODFORSAKEN ANTIFA. It would seem that freedoms and liberties are denied them by a police infected by antifa that seeks to force vaccination upon an uninformed public by any means possible, while simultaneously forcing non-antifa to wear a mask, as if they were one step away from being pilloried in a stock at the public square.

Who the hell wants to support fucking Fascists?

Antifahood runs in my family. My father was an antifa in North Africa during WWII. He could not have fathomed a creep like Trump to find a welcoming electorate.

Who are these dangerous individuals who believe in something called critical race theory, a set of studies that seeks to identify the nature of racism in American society. Why would they do that? They would do that simply because racism is a deep and enduring hate of black people. Reducing racism would seem to be a laudable goal. Prison inmates are predominantly black folk living in a land dominated by white supremacism, the real source of terrorism that had already begun with Columbus. Where do these antifa stand in regard to America’s war on Afghanistan? Twenty years of exploding munitions and reordering more munitions were started by a presumably anti-antifa President who officially announced the end of that 20-year fiasco. More Republican presidents have presided over that disaster than Democrats. The unending war threatened by an overly funded military was already carefully predicted by Eisenhower in January 1961. PTSD is the principal disorder directly caused by the fog of war, few are unaffected by it, poor and black enlistees suffer the most.

The 2020 election was not stolen, this was overwhelmingly proven by multiple ballot recounts. In fact, it was the most accurately conducted election in American history, despite the installation of vote-sensitive individuals installed throughout the government, such as the head of the Postal Service. All those ridiculous recounts were totally unnecessary. No vote was stolen. by George W. Bush was installed by the Supreme Court, but when the ballots were recounted it was determined that Gore had actually received a majority of the popular ballot and, consequently, of the electoral college. Gore had far more wisdom than the petulant Trump, he would have responded to our present climate emergency 20 years ago. Trump does not possess integrity in any form. How long does it take to realize that Trump was the worst President ever? At best, he is a buffoon, an opportunist, and a fraud. Every day and in every way.

Thanks for reading.

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