The Hirkenberg Shopping Cart Return Service

Hirkenberg: a cutting-edge facility capable of processing as many as six shopping carts per hour. You may also purchase items online for free. We do ask that you do not use our shopping carts as a substitute for a missing barbeque grate.

Thanks for your patronage.

Creatures of a Greater God

A new topic for this blog takes shape, being a depiction of some beings that inhabit a realm of a curious sort that present themselves through an aspect of my imagination. So far, I have sketched a few new pieces to join the hundreds of creatures that find their way to blank paper via some Sharpie pens.

Now seems a good time to introduce them to a global audience by way of this blog. As they inform me of their existence, I plan to annotate each picture in an attempt to explain their days and ways to whoever finds the way to this blog. Looking forward to this new project and am hoping that you find it worth each while.

Thanks for reading.

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