Catastrophic Climate Collapse

Epictetus, Greek philosopher and former slave, formulated what today is known as the Serenity Prayer. Climate was once considered one of the things that you cannot change, now we know that it can be achieved. It’s just that it will require a billion or so climate activists to get Big Oil (they like to call themselves supermajors because that word sounds friendlier).

Catastrophic Climate Collapse (CCC) is inevitable if fossil-fuel behemoths are not curbed rapidly. Fudging the numbers is as effective as touching up a cancer victim’s x-rays.

On October 29, an enormously unhelpful opinion piece in the Washington Postby their Editorial Board — posited that we need to kick back (my words) and stop worrying, that incremental measures just might happen in the upcoming Sharm El Sheikh Climate Summit. Well, it just might happen that some time in the next ten years I just might win a billion dollars in a lottery. These guys are not climate scientists, but they are speaking in a tone that I would expect to read in the New York Post. Their byline reads Democracy Dies in Darkness. Yes, it does. But faffing climate realities around in circles tells me that there are mushrooms gathering on their basement floors.

Yesterday, I reblogged my article about Wynn Bruce. I am highlighting one of its paragraphs today:

By 1973, the fossil-fuel industry had already known that catastrophic climate change was a scientifically proven fact in the face of inaction; however, the scientists working from within the fossil-fuel juggernauts were silenced before this information could be made available. Positions of power among corporations leading the Fortune 10 would lose profits if truths were told. In 1973, a gradual change could have allowed all involved parties to move carefully and deliberately over several decades to prevent what is now imminent. The 11th hour has passed. History will not judge us kindly for our inaction, each of us needs to accept the responsibility for setting the Earth on fire. Bruce Wynn knew this, you should too. Self-immolators are prophets.

Time is not our friend. Don’t hope for a Hail Mary pass to an end zone because this better approximates a chess match, and we are in the endgame.

Returning to Katja:

I have already taken too much time rearranging the proverbial deck chairs. So please consider becoming a climate activist. And please still remember 1973 for another reason. It is the year of an earlier 9/11: the assassination of Salvador Allende. Meanwhile, Henry Kissinger — the influencer who directed that “intervention” — becomes a centenarian on May 27, 2023.

Thanks for reading.

Addendum: We are now only 6 days away from the US Mid Term Elections (November 8, 2022). Your largest source of unbiased information is on Urban View, a Black-owned independent radio channel. Unfortunately, it is only widely available on Sirius-XM Channel 126. But please also follow them on Twitter: Sirius-XM Urban View

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