May the Meek Inherit Al Quds

The persons most affected by a decision are always the last to be informed of that decision. The Palestinians are the persons most affected by Trump’s nod to Netanyahu. But:

Jerusalem has always been the capital of Palestine. 

“There’s no such thing as a Palestinian,” said Mark Levin on Monday, while broadcasting from Israel. “They’re Arabs. I’m sorry, they can call themselves Palestinians, or Palestinian Arabs – I don’t even know what that means.”

By 2020 there will be more Palestinians than Israelis inhabiting the same geography. Israel didn’t even exist before May 14, 1948.

“The May 19 Metro article ‘Judge: Terror suspect’s words can be used at trial’ stated that a terrorism suspect’s parents “immigrated from Palestine.” Last I heard, there has been no peace accord between Israel and the Palestinian Authority resulting in a country called Palestine. For people who immigrated after 1948, it is factually incorrect to state that they “immigrated from Palestine.”   Herbert Chubin, Bethesda
In 1948 700,000 unarmed Palestinians were driven by well armed soldiers into a diaspora that continues to this day. Palestinians only possessed arms inherited upon the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire — pretty much all the armaments they have today. facto Israel is America’s 51st State, or at least its second District. Puerto Rico is a territorial island inhabited by a people with skin too brown for racist tastes. The Israeli ideal appears to be Northern European, fair of skin and akin to the skin favored by most empires.

Where do the Palestinians stand in Trump’s estimation? Well, what grabs his attention? Trump is as decisive as he is incompetent. POTUS 45 is every bit as racist and corrupt as POTI 12, by any ethical measure.  Each president denies the racism behind their actions. Trump envies Netanyahu’s wall and Israeli engineering firms bid for Trump’s dream barrier. Ethiopian Jews try to attain Aliya but can’t get past detention centers. Both blame Islam: Radical Islamic Terrorism but ignore White Supremacists’ terror aimed at Muslims and the survivors of slavery: America’s Black population.

Netanyahu uses his intelligence, and the intelligence at his disposal, to remain in office. Trump doesn’t have enough intelligence to function as an adult. He knows what corrupts absolutely and he grooms it. He’s far closer to a Caligula than any previous President.

I doubt that Trump could find Jerusalem on a world globe, but he has Fox and Friends to cover that from behind their coffee table. They have his ears and the dark matter between those ears. F&F spur him on to spurt his soul-deadening tweets, his talking points.


The last two empires to make global choices for Palestine have been English-speaking realms with world-counquering ambitions. In 1948 the former imperious spoke the Queen’s English. They passed the baton to the next imperial deciders, the ones who speak English American style.

The United States had already ethnically cleansed indigenous Americans who stood in their way since the arrival of Columbus (notable racist) to today. The 50 states carved into North America arrived by dint of legally sanctioned genocide. Manifest Destiny squeezed life blood from sea to shining sea — State by flagged-star State.

History is always written by the conquerer. Of course “mistakes were made,” but their monotheistic God did favor the features of the Northern Europe didn’t he? Jesus, Mary and The Father depicted with European features and a skin lightened by many cloudy days.

Let’s take a look at how the English speakers ordained the ancient land of Palestine, home for three aspects of a monochromatic God in situ. Each find a place in respective scriptural scripts for the characters at play.

The sons and daughters of Ishmael find themselves at the crosshairs. 1.8 billion gentle worshipers are either “Radical Islamists” or they support “Radical Islamic Terrorism” because they honor the Quran. Is that beyond all possibility in 2017? No, homo sapiens are ever capable of reaching to any depth of depravity to attain greater depravity. Venture capital is always available to fund decadence, be you a Drumpf or a Caligula.

Children as young as 12 enter the Israeli prison system if they throw a single rock, or an IDF soldier merely states that the youth threw a stone.


Were it not for the United States of America (and the Marshall Islands) the Palestinians would already have a homeland, one recognized by the world community.

May the meek inherit Al Quds.

Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “May the Meek Inherit Al Quds”

  1. Dear Bill this is I suppose is just for you as I don’t see my reply being seen by anybody else. Unfortunately for your readers – reading your article would make them believe what you say and not feel the need to listen to someone else like Eyal Offenbach a real historian which you are definitely not. The UN voted for the creation of Israel formerly known as Palestine or Palestina (the Romans made up that name) . The Jewish Brigade that was part of the British army in WWII was made up of Jews from Mandatory Palestine and they were all Palestinians. The Arabs did not accept the UN partition plan and the Jews did. The war of independence was started by the Arab armies and local Arabs that were also armed. The casualties were about the same 6,300 Jews and about 7,000 Arabs died in this unnecessary conflict. Don’t forget the French and the British divided up all of the Middle East not just Palestine. When the war had ended Israel had lost 1% of its total population. Reading your article people could get the idea that if Israel didn’t exist their would be world peace and the Middle East would become like heaven on earth. You forget to mention that Israelis do not kill people by throwing gays off buildings or kill women that were raped and had soiled the family honour. Israelis don’t tell women having illicit affairs to blow themselves up to restore family honour – like happened at Maxim’s an Arab restaurant in Haifa. Israelis don’t blow up people on the eve of a religious holiday like they did in the Park hotel in Netanya, where I live. If you really believe what you write I suggest you learn about the history the hard way by studying and attending lectures. I suppose you also believe that Lebanese Christians just fell off the face of the earth and were not on the wrong end of a genocide. Shame on you Bill.

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  2. Hello Mikel, Thank you for the extended reply. I haven’t restricted comments on this post so let me know if you are unable to view it. I’m not familiar with the works of Eyal Offenbach, but will look into his writings and compare his viewpoint with mine. I am, in fact, not a historian but do know more about the Middle East than most scholars. Indeed the French were also present in the Middle East, but as colonial powers. Empires are a means to extract human and other resources from the colonized, unfortunately empires still exist — I am a patriotic citizen of the United States who criticizes my own government for the misdeeds it commits, particularly the criminal activity that takes place under veils of secrecy, complicity and torture. As the greatest proponent of endless war we are responsible for very very many, and you know what happens when astonishingly large corporations join the fray with an astonishingly large military presence that treats every square meter of Earth as “of American interest and international security.” We own the Israel-Palestine conflict because we are the ones who keep the narrative one-sided in every possible. A billion another billion another billion and 0.8 billion every year, ad infinitum I suppose. I curious to read what Offenbach has to report on the nature of those Ottoman Empire armaments that the Palestinians possess. They probably do not include nuclear weapons, of course. Israel also does not have nuclear weapons — officially.
    Most Palestinians do not throw gays from the roof, nor do they engage in honor killings. Just surviving day to day with water, food and electricity rations is enough to keep them busy enough to have no time left for that death-dealing.
    Thank you for remaining open to our dialog, it still seems the only option left for bringing opposing views to an audience.
    Please do let me know if your response to my post is still not appearing on your computer screen. If not I will copy your words onto a separate text window from here.
    As always I wish you and your well. Without your comment I might not have known about Eyal Offenbach. Apparently he has written quite a bit about the Ottomans, a topic I need to brush up on.


    1. Dear Bill and anybody else reading this reply: I apologise for sounding so rude in my last comment. Since I live in Israel, served in the army and have many Arab friends I get so saddened when I read things that are not realistic. Arik Sharon a famous general was different to other generals as he always did what he thought correct and just told his superiors, “what I see from here you cannot see from there.” Since I now realize I am definitely not a scholar of history I have inserted a few links of three people that do know the history of the Middle East. My wife and I have been attending their lectures for years and it is difficult NOT to find them fascinating in their depth and originality. There are others but these three are indeed amazing and travel widely giving lectures at universities and government agencies. The first is Mordechai (Motti) Kedar who is considered more right. He spent 25 years in military intelligence and lectures at Bar Ilan University in Tel-Aviv. He believes we need a multiple state solution – one for each tribe or family in the West Bank. He believes Iraq needs to be split into smaller states for the same reason. and More left Ben-Dror Yemini a journalist – on you tube you can spend a lot of time watching him. Then we have a center-est Eyal Offenbach unfortunately you have to attend Eyal’s lectures as I can’t find anything you can see on YouTube. Of all three of them Eyal who has done his research just as well as the other two makes the biggest impact as he has a magnetic personality and could do stand-up just as easily. He also dresses very well probably because his grand-father was German. Thank goodness I thought of sending links as my brain is not that lucid anymore and my knowledge is very spotty.
      Bill is right discussing issues is more fun and and definitely not as painful.
      Any comments would be greatly appreciated from anyone out there. Sorry about the length of the “Industry of Lies” video but seeing it again was just as interesting.

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  3. Kedar appeals to the baser instincts of his audience. He is only interested in inciting anger and in allowing that audience to let adrenaline do the thinking for them. The Arab fellow who appears in the right frame may just as well be a prop, a convenient fool. Kedar knows how to speak ambiguously: that rape may be used as a measure to protect potential victims of suicide bombers, that overwhelming firepower may be an unfortunately necessary tactic (Hannibal Directive), that an eight-state solution of non-contiguous tribes might have merit — as if the settlements haven’t decimated the West Bank into hopelessly disconnected land parcels already.
    Here is the link without the extraneous characters:


  4. With the bugaboo from the U.S.A. who in a strange way got to become the 45th president of those states, thinking he can play for God and can decide over other people and countries, the world faces an serious problem, not only with him interfering with the Israeli politics but also trying to hasten something which is up to God to decide.

    Lovers of the One Eternal Divine God do know that the descendants of Abraham are given the Holy Land and know that Jerusalem shall become the capital of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Jews should also come to see Christians and Muslims share the same holy places as them and should allow them to use and respect those holy places as such.

    You are right to use some sarcasm by writing “Of course “mistakes were made,” but their monotheistic God did favor the features of the Northern Europe didn’t he? Jesus, Mary and The Father depicted with European features and a skin lightened by many cloudy days.” because it is mostly by the trinitarian Christians that we can find fundamentalists who are convinced Jesus Christ would have been a Caucasian white male, forgetting that he is a coloured Palestinian and a Nazarene Jew from the tribe of king David, which would have him to have those typical Jewish features and skin colour.

    Please are aware that not all Christians believe in such false monotheist god which would exist out of a God the Father, god the son and a god the Holy Spirit (which makes three gods). In Christianity you shall be able to find enough christians who worship the Only One True Eternal God Who is a Spirit and not a human being, and Who is the God of Jews and Muslims and is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and his disciples.

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    1. Hello Christadelphians,
      Thank you for the most kind, considered and considerate comments. They have quite piqued my interest and provided me a fresh perspective. It is an honor to address your thoughts here, your readership means much to this author.
      A strange bugaboo is 45 indeed, many find amusement or smug self-satisfaction in the orange clown who buoys the ambitions of racists, white supremacists and the insatiable desires of the über-wealthy. So many are willing to overlook 10,000 reasons to remove him from office immediately. Why do they delay? Why do they deny? Because he delivers the goods, he directs the spoils of war and the pennies of the poor to the aid and comfort of the already comfortable. Perhaps he will awake one morning in the company of God. A God with a list of all those he has urinated upon — literally or figuratively, though that meeting is not in my purview I very much value the right to express my views on this blog.
      The whitening of The Holy Land was already replete ” with European features and a skin lightened by many cloudy days” by the artists of Northern lands. Promotional campaigns for Brand Israel often feature the blondest hair and the bluest eyes. The gradual lessening of the Semitic characteristics of the darker skinned people who inhabited Palestine at the time of Christ (Jesus is often depicted with blue eyes). Racism is rampant in Israel, it is simply undeniable.
      Those who claim sole ownership of The Holy Land must exclude every dream of a mass disappearance of the “other” son
      of Ibrahim. In terms of the geopolitical entities Israel/Palestine, Palestine/Israel, Occupier, Occupied I find it compelling that the number of Israelis and Palestinians inhabiting the same slab of Earth once colonized by British imperious ambition stands at about 6 million descendants of Isaac and 6 million descendants of Ishmael.
      700,000 Palestinians were exiled in 1948. Today their descendants would have enormous representation in the Knesset. Tragically, 700,000 is also the number of settlers who have set up households on the West Bank.


      1. Well at least Trump actually does what he says. Obama draw a line in the sand and told our Northerly neighbours that they had better not gas the Syrian people again. Obama then left a vacuum for a second time and lo and behold the Russians are in now our back yard. At least Trump puts people in charge that know what they are doing. Mathis just very quietly allowed the US armed forces to push ISIS out of Syria and Iraq. You don’t have to like the man he was chosen to get America out of the crap – which he is doing it seems. North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons for 25 years and the educated world – your world has been kicking the can down this road for a 1/4 of a century. The word meek means compliant, yielding, acquiescent, unassertive, passive, obedient, biddable, dutiful, docile, pliant; informal under someone’s thumb. In that case they are definitely not the people that burn people alive, behead people, mutilate women so they can’t reach a climax, blow up busses and places of worship, fly into tall buildings and definitely not hijack aeroplanes. When the Romans changed the name of this country to Palestina they also took slaves from here, now called Bnei Roma – my son-in-law is one of them and amazingly seems just like the other Jews in this country. What do you know about the ME? It is like me visiting China and writing a blog on what they are doing wrong over there. You call trump a racist because he wants to build a wall – yet you have a fence around your home and lock the door. Maybe you live in some parallel reality and I just have to ignore the things you say. I think when you create a country like the Fins have done you can tell us how to see the world and help us run ours. You can’t look after your sick and have allowed crazy people to buy firearms. Reading this I honestly feel I am not a part of the world you think you live in at all. Bit blunt but that is how I feel. When Iran tries to drop a nuclear bomb on Israel will you be surprised? Just thought of how the meek are supposed to make the world a better place. Seems that place was taken by the occupiers and the apartheid masters. Do you know that Israelis at night go into Syria and give food and medical help like they did in Lebanon when the meek were killing all the Christians there – ask Brigitte Gabriel. It is so frustrating for me to read this hazy fazy stuff and have people agree with it.


      2. Thank you very much for your nice and thorough reply.

        What we do find so unbelievable is that those who had their ancestors placed in ghetto’s, behind walls and being tortured in camps, do not seem to hesitate to do similar things now.

        Though we may not forget that it are mostly non-religious Jews and fundamentalist (religious) Jews who try to impose their rules and limitations on others.

        Real lovers of God should know that Jerusalem shall be the capital of the Holy Land, but should know it is not up to man to decide when or how. Also it is against God commandments to take land from others and not to be respectful to other creations and creatures of God, as such all people should show respect to all around them.

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  5. It is truly ironic that our greatest surviving POTUS is around at the same moment as our worst. Not a single indiscriminate bomb was dropped during the Carter Administration, nor was a single war declared. However both Obama and Trump are fellow followers of the “art of war” and both have marched in lockstep with Netanyahu, each year sees another multiple billion transfer of dollars into the machinery of slaughter — the brutal massacre and mutilation of the most meek among us, some still in the womb as the munition explodes. Most of the bodies are brown-skinned, their deaths dealt by phallic proxy. Obama and Trump are both racists, it’s just so much more obvious with the latter.
    Negotiation requires patience and the will to understand that opponents are truly far more alike than they are different, that the attributes ascribed by the propagandist, in this case the hasbarist, trod mercilessly on the good name of the other. Each of us closets the dark stuff of our long shadows and displays the dignified stuff at our picture window. The same fellow (Fritz Haber) who invented Zyklon B invented the nitrogen fertilizer that still feeds the billions. The meek are the many, and our greatest hope for shared and sustainable planetary existence.


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