Florida judge jails man for missing jury duty — Boing Boing

This is America.

Kreb Ross

Reblogged from Kreb Talk.

I have been following this one as well, Kreb. This is the wrenching reality of how the Injustice System works for you if you are a Deandre and how the bestowed and privileged reality-show system works for you if you are an Amber. Apologists for white supremacy in perpetuity waged against the ADOS who get steam-rollered by the white supremacists who benefit from a systemic slave-based Jim-Crowed de facto legal System.
Two courtrooms, two entirely separate universes. From century to century in perpetuity. A white supremacist system that stands on the shoulders of millions of ADOS.
The Art of the Devil.

— Bill

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

14 thoughts on “Florida judge jails man for missing jury duty — Boing Boing”

  1. I didn’t even want to “like” this one. I didn’t even want to read it. I’d seen the title of this one on my sign in screen and deliberately by-passed it because I am just SO tired of this; day in an day out until I am sick with it. I have never been this despondent and worn out in my life.

    Seriously! Why don’t ‘whites’ just round us ALL up and stand us before a firing squad and just get it over with already!!! We’re ALL done for anyway. The fat lady done sung. And we’re already ‘the walking dead’.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Rosaliene. Kreb Ross maintains a valuable resource on his blog: incremental reports that give a voice to those “many daily hurts in this unjust world we live in,” so it is my privilege to bringing Kreb Talk to your attention. Thanks for your blog too, I recommend it to everyone reading these words.

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  2. Thank you for this comment, Shelby. It’s certainly not something to be “liked” is it? Four centuries from 1519 to 2019, only to find that racism is as strong as it always has been. How many treaties with the Indigenous peoples have been wantonly abrogated since 1787? How much property disappears from ADOS ownership every day? Title theft is another form of treaty theft. Who are the real criminals?

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    1. Hi Katrina! Thanks for asking. Judges are elected at the local level, they are also elected at the State level for 38 states. The Federal judges get placed by POTUS cronies, campaign-funders, a billionaire or three… The last two SCOTUS appointments were on a shortlist handed to Trump by The Federalist Society (Fascist Society?). Corporations continue to be “persons” according to the Constitution. Gerrymandering is still not a criminal activity. Blacks are kept from the polls by any means possible (subtle or obvious). Voter audit trails are somehow anathema, but they are as technologically straightforward as an ATM receipt.
      The Governor of the State of Georgia would be a Black woman — Stacey Abrams — if the Black vote had not been suppressed at every opportunity and by all the means available, whether sneaky or in-your-face blatant. Trump would not have been elected, George W. Bush would not have been elected.

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      1. So much corruption, eh? It would be the same here if our small size didn’t make it harder to hide. Even so, it still happens, just on a smaller scale. Wherever wealth and power are allowed to be accumulated by a small number of people, there is corruption, and systems are developed to support it. Makes my blood boil (which only harms me) but it’s better than being apathetic, which is almost being pathetic. However, we usually need some fire in our veins to propel us into taking action of some sort.

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        1. Blood-boiling seems to be a sudden theme. “Bound to be the very next phase” if I am quoting my Donovan accurately.
          So Mike Steeden found his aboil, I found mine aboil, as have you — the only difference being Celsius or Fahrenheit, perhaps. 🙂
          And I quite agree that “it’s better than being apathetic, which is almost being pathetic.”


  3. A tad fierce to say the very least. I ask myself how is it these things happen? Slapped writsts were the poor chap white; 10 days banged up because he’s black. My blood is coming to the boil even as I write! How are you, by the way? I’ve just being dabbling with new posts on the blog now wniter is nearly upon us. Best regards, Sir.

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    1. Hi Mike! Always good to hear from you, and, of course, every day is a good day to pick up one of your books and escape from the travails that smack us in the gob at a given moment — reading about miscreant judges being one such given moment. News like this brings the blood to a rolling boil. Cool damned boil!

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      1. West and east we are cursed with the self-interested egotists, be they judges, politicians, men of the cloth, or, worryingly members of the constabulary. Like you, all I can do is boil and wonder how can this be so. Regardless, at least the likes of you and I see the whole of the moon!

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  4. This is beyond fucked up. So they jail him for missing jury duty, yet if he were on trial they wouldn’t even give him the right to a jury of his peers. Very typical of Amerikkka.

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