Relax and Eat Clean

I wish the NYT had asked Andrew Kirschner to write this post on their editorial page. Aaron Carroll’s opinion piece should never have been approved by a media giant that proclaims itself the newspaper of record. I could not have done a better addressing the false statements myself — actually I would probably have lost myself to rants and ravings, so my grateful appreciation goes to Kirschner’s Korner for countering so much misinformation.

One thought on “Relax and Eat Clean”

  1. Great article Bill. *nods a lot*

    Now, I want your address in a comment upon the Cloud asap. I’ll not take no for an answer, I’d love to send you and your lovely lady something handmade from the aether! So. Chop, chop.

    – Esme laughing but also being quite serious upon the Cloud

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