Veganism Confronts Alternate Reality

Philip K. Dick has a great definition for reality. Slip into a time machine of some rare device and glide back 39 years to this PKD instruction manual:

“How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later” (1978)

Philip K had a way with clever titles too.

From that essay:

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.


I’m confident he would be amused to visit this place 39 years after publishing that essay, but consider the depth of his vision — he may have understood the fearsome circumstance of contemporary reality with fierce accuracy. Science fiction is good at that sometimes. 

Alternate histories are the unexpected consequence of historic events preceding the present moment. Charting the present is a matter of connecting historical dots.  The past is fully explicable, though it might have struck you at break-neck speed. Many suffer from whiplash. I am but one.

Days that happened include the 8th of November 2016. Once you regain equilibrium you wake up to a hard (or soft) landing. You realize that “it” happened.

Let’s consider that really real reality — the one that doesn’t go away just because you stop believing in it.

That reality devours every nanoparticle of a belief system that failed you somehow. 

So it seems quite appropriate to preface m wild-eyed views on veganism with article from the another perspective, an opposing viewpoint: veganism is a travesty. Click Not Healthy to weigh a specious argument from the Fruit Doctor.

The truth of veganism doesn’t go away. Animal rights still exist — even when those rights are inexpedient.

Veganism is a truth recognized by the many but practiced by the very few. Still, many non-vegans are aware of a resemblance between the typical factory farm and a death-camp. Well, slaughter does imply imply a certain amount of death.

The specie homo sapiens is capable of much denial and not a small measure of ignorance. You heed a call to close your mind to disagreeable facts, make room for more spectacle — blood and circuses.

Intergenerational theft is a reality. Old thieves like me grasp the spoils of war and limit resources, insisting that future generations fend for themselves. 

There are three-times as many homo sapiens on the same planet as there were in the year of my birth — that’s the 1947 part of my eponym. Human population consumes an equivalent number in the animal husbandry economy each year.


The next celebration on the calendar in the US of Us features super-sized bowls of chips, plates with slathered wings mechanically separated from a billion birds. The hearth of America becomes a stadium filled with a 100,000 seats for 200,000 buttocks — attending a “game” that is a metaphor for war. Flaunt, preen and consume so that the economy falters not. An audience slightly larger than 100,000 observe the spectacle from the comfort of a frenetic television screen.

Enormous shopping carts roll forward with product of the grossest national product that end-stage consumerism can muster. Together they supply trillion-dollar industries that provide product for all manner of mastication. Each with a nutrition label. Here is an aphorism that may cheer you  will reading those labels: “Well I’ve got to die of something!


Blood and circuses. 

Here’s an alternative to viewing Supper Bowl LI — read something from Phillip K, perhaps “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” Better yet, read my other posts on a theme of vegan. 🙂

Happy reading.

Thanks for reading.





Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

5 thoughts on “Veganism Confronts Alternate Reality”

    1. Thank you much, Hariod. Kind responses only encourage me to try harder. In fact I actually tightened up a few loose bolts in appreciation for your response. Only hope that I haven’t stripped threads in the process 🙂
      I think there may be a couple Philip K Dick short stories among the old science fiction magazines atop that bookshelf over there — am pointing to the left while typing with one hand. (als ob!)

      Liked by 2 people

  1. You are a special and intelligent person whose quirky style is used to wield the most serious of topics – w/o preaching or condemning. I do not yet live where my heart and soul have shown me is home because I am not ready. I have taken the earlier step before it was popular of buying only organic food and supporting the Humane Farming Association (I know to a vegan that sticks in the craw). I reduce the amount of meat in my diet. I don’t want to lose my dairy products but I want to be offered this gift gently from animals treated as the feeling, soul filled beings they are. I ask myself if I could kill to eat. I know I could make small murders if I had to and I feel sad that I am a carnivore. I respect the life of animals as sacrosanct – and we kill each other in certain “necessary for the greater good” ways – such as war and even executions – both of which elicit deep antipathy in my heart and mind. I’m proud to know the man who writes and lives this life. I’m so happy to have crossed paths – just in time!

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  2. Thanks for the kindness, my friend. PKD certainly did not fit in with his contemporaries — I like to think that we do not fit either; and I find great solace at contemplating a more gentle world where we would fit in. I do not recall choosing this era to exist in, in whatever form this existence takes, but great literature and the company of those who question, those who think critically, provides more wisdom than blindly following the ever transient fads in ever more narrow ways.
    Getting that apocryphal time-machine working again was a real treat. I am more than grateful for all and each I have the honor to join on this little field trip, including the fellow sentient-being reading these very words — hello and thanks 🙂


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