A Möbius Twist Please


Hariod Brawn, a fellow I follow regularly on WordPress, recently posted “What is it like for nothing to happen.” Many, including myself, have found great mill for grist there. Please consider spending a moment or five there.


Such thoughts as these intrigue me.

What is the science behind the abrupt discontinuity and surprising continuity of a Möbius strip? You are on one side and simultaneously on the other, or is it the other way around. Or is there just one side? A simple twist of the two-dimensional surface is radical and beautiful to ilk like me.





Calculus allows us to keep begging the questions on a seeming, and actual, infinity:

“Are we there yet? When are we going to be there?”

Meanwhile we march on asymptotically toward an axis or several axes, or three-dimensional, four-dimensional axes.


I say “dare to divide by zero.” But thank me not —thank the unknown scholars who introduced the zero. Roman numerals are hard-headed and in-your-face hard-nosed to math fans.

But back to nothing (or zero or zed). Consider the weight of the universe. Then consider its opposite: absolutely absolutely nothing.

“But, but the big-ass weight of the universe is a whole lot of something. Or something.”

Some time ago a science fiction author (name unknown to me) imagined a planet with never dissipating cloud cover. At no time of the day or night could an inhabitant see anything but the underside of endlessly butting together clouds. The sun was a hazy bright spot visible during the day. At night, of course, no stars. What could the inhabitants know of the universe?

Question your assumptions, and most certainly question the assumptions that others wish you to parrot. Many orthodox believers deign to make it all so convenient, and think in dogmatic lockstep. Big but:

Critical thought is not regurgitation.

The theory of the large bang is instantly and often and desperately decried by those who presume knowing, and accurately interpreting, the mind of deity.

“How can something come of nothing? It doesn’t make any sense. How could anyone think that it could. QED, Q E D.” Demonstrandum optional.

That QED insists that you follow one simple step: The Deity thinks, therefore I am, therefore you are.

Let’s say you follow one of two (2) monotheistic religions that number three (3), often depicted as a triangle or triad.

A line is the shortest distance two points: 3-monotheisticthe locus of the points between Judaism and Christianity. Small voice:

“What about Islam?”

Mark a point of discontinuity between Judaism and Islam.

Mark another point of discontinuity between Christianity and Islam.

Read The Glory of the Crusades. Listen to Al Kresta

Judaism may respond ponderously and profoundly with Christianity, and vice versa.  Cast every aspersion against the inexpedient, inconvenient, threatening, dangerous. Western Civilization took such a path.

So what happens when you ignore your sibling for a millennium or so? Call me Ishmael.


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