Carrot and Stick

Here we have a stony-faced observer in the sky, next to a bright-orange sun, gazing upon the goings on below. The yellow fellow to the left holds the proverbial stick, the carrot (also orange, but also delicious) is a short distance from our hero. Let’s call him Sir Orange Beak, shall we?

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Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

8 thoughts on “Carrot and Stick”

    1. Just the title we need to embarrass Phukin and insert a little reason in his tired brain. Maybe he will suddenly understand that he has been a bit of a bully. Nah, no chance of that anytime soon. Too late I’ve been awake, getting a tinge of foggy fantasies in my head. Must make a call to Sir S Morpheus and see if he can soothe my restlessness into snores and slobbers. Now that’s a proper way to rest, innit?

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      1. Phukin is abnormal… I know so many leaders are, but he’s a cut above in that he could well rid the planet of all tellurians in a flash. Scary to me anyway. However, perhaps as evolution returns, within a couple of thousand years, a new man will emerge…? The new can start all over again leading to the same result? I think?
        Now to the serious stuff: sweet Morpheus and Billum… I can reccoment the intake of Hemp capsules, just one each night or before trying to kip. Of course, if SM is in a bad mood, then the Thought-Storms will win through.
        So, I am going to consult with SM, in no uncertain terms about his depriving you of kippeth… and if need be, used naughty language if he refuses top give you a break. I bet when he reads this he’ll be scared stiff, and bliss will return to sleep pattern?…….
        That’s it, done it! I feel exhausted now, I’ll limp into the kitchenette and put the newly dented kettle on.
        Let me know if SM is still being a nuisance – I’ll have him then!

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        1. Yes, he is Phukin crazy, I don’t put a thing past him, the lout.
          I appreciate your speaking to SM about his lapses now and then. You know him better than I, so maybe he will listen to you…What a delusion that was. SM only listrns to himself. At least, he doesn’t listen to Phukin. Phukin probably sleeps like a baby on the end of a 20 foot table.

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          1. I think you are right in your assessment of Phukin sleeping like a tot – I hate the thought!
            I’ll let rip if he doesn’t help you this time… Oh yes!

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          2. Yerv’e got to count those blessings. I really cannot see him messing with things that can bite him back. Novichuk (sp?) is something he can physically distance himself from while playing the role of assassin.

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