A meeting of ambiguoid peers

Hail friends, well met. What’s new Stu? Regards to the fam.

They take many forms and are satisfied with their lot on this blog. Otherwise, homelessness among all the apocryphal ambiguoids who are glad to be in a safe place on their planet. They worry about us on this particular orb and hope that peace and justice prevail despite all the problems that many endure.

Thanks for viewing.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

21 thoughts on “A meeting of ambiguoid peers”

    1. They are celebrating spring in the very best way they can, kind Sir!
      Tomorrow, I am posting one titled “Carrot and Stick”, HRH approved it most heartily. A good day for sketcherings then!

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          1. I quite enjoy the odd hours, a time in darknes without distraction. It gives one the delusion that yer’ve arrived at brilliant and timeless answers to 10,000 questions. And no one to tell you that yer a right loon in the strange light of the moon. I much like The Odd Hours Couple. A good club name there. Right!

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          2. Being only me and the odd Boll Weevil living here, I do as my wont tells me. I’m lucky in a way I suppose. Although would love to be allowed to have a kitty for company.
            As (Popeye was it?) someone said “I eats wot I eat, sleeps when I sleep, and fall over anytime” Hahaha!
            Cheers, Sir Billum!

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          3. Having a furry about is fine stuff. Nibbles sits on me table, just within reach for a critch or three.
            Sounds like something that Popeye would say, he is a philosopher in that way. Sort of like Wittgenstein but totally different.

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          4. I recall Andy Capp, the fellow with the cap and a stereotype for the funny papers, what a long suffering wife. Carried about a rolling pin, as I recall. Interested in baking stuffs for her stalwart man.

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