Repurposing the back of an envelope

All there’s room to sketch upon the back of an envelope. I am calling it a self-referential study of the characters who seek to measure the confines of their world.

It’s about yay long…or is it about yeigh long?

I like to start a sketch by landing a squiggle, from that point it lets me know how to proceed by itself in some fashion. This one began with the eyes of the fellow to the right. Somehow, he became enclosed by a house-like thing that was too narrow. His hands burst through the wall in such a way that his left arm must be longer than the right. This led to another character who has her hand passing through the wall. There appear to be  individual beings who make eye contact with various things in their proximity. The theme evolves from each pencil stroke.

Then, I look for a title.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

6 thoughts on “Repurposing the back of an envelope”

  1. The back of an envelope has served many a purpose in the history of the world 😊 What will we do when envelopes are no longer around? I think we’ll lose some ‘soul’ as using a screen just doesn’t feel as connected to the physical world. Just my thoughts, and I won’t be starting a ‘save the envelopes’ cause anytime soon 😊

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    1. Apologies for the slow response, Katrina. I have always liked to use scrap envelopes as stationery. Once I collected a bunch of them and gifted them to my sister-in-law. Just bound them up on one side, it helped that she is also a fan of making lists on the odd scrap of paper within reach. 🙂

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    1. Quite right, kind Sir! The cicadas are certainly still around in these parts, but these characters do not seem to know. Perhaps they know only too well and are smashing walls to see if that keeps them away. 🙂


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