The Immensity of Israeli Overreach

The body counts and the sheer number of dead and wounded cannot be overestimated, this is a full-throttle engagement and the Israeli Occupying Forces are ruthless, the willingness of those occupiers to ethnically cleanse every square centimeter of stolen land knows no limit. Once again, settlers who had not qualms about stealing Palestine property, bulldozing every home. They kill at will and without compunction. They enjoy the fireworks from a convenient distance and celebrate each death. It is all a game to those without a moral compass and Zionism is just another European colonial project that they enjoy with relish. Please note that power and position is reserved for the Zionists who have always wielded the force. Power, force, and position are all guaranteed by the full faith investments of US imperial interests. The military hegemony alone rakes in $3.8 billion per year, geopolitical interests do not recognize the existence of a people who have occupied Palestine continuously for thousands of years.

What about those body counts and arsenals, are they equal in any way? The propaganda mills in Israel maintain that Gaza “forces” have fired 3,000 missiles into southern Israel. Hamas counts their weapons (armaments that are comprised of WWI level mortars) as 200. Where is the disconnect? Do the Israeli Occupiers observe that the fireworks propelled from Gaza seldom land anywhere near occupied neighborhoods, those neighborhoods being the homes of Palestinians before they were stolen in 1948.

As always, the NY Times, NPR…any media giant that does not cover the facts on the ground ignore any mention that even slightly criticizes the thousands of victims tabulated over the last 73 years. The system is not only gamed, the game extends along nearly every media source. Read them at face value and you will continue to live in a media bubble that focuses merely upon the interplay of bread and circuses. No bloody details do they cover, and nearly all the blood spilled is on the side of the occupied. Protest the most moral army in the world and you’ll be cut down at the knee. Hence the number of amputees you see among the youth who take on the beacon from their parents because Palestine is forever.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

5 thoughts on “The Immensity of Israeli Overreach”

  1. They killed another 39 Palestinian children today. With respect, Bill, I think you may be underestimating the arsenal available to Hammas (procured via Iran). Nevertheless, and as you quite correctly point out, the mismatch (I write as if this were a sport!) is extreme. Every few years this happens, and with little if any condemnation from the West beyond mere platitudinous ‘urgings’ to resolve matters peacefully.


  2. Thanks for the comment, kind Sir! Particularly since comments on a topic such as Gaza are few. They are few, but they are much appreciated, Hariod. The entire situation is locked solidly by the occupation forces and the media over here do their level best to keep mum on the disaster every single day. It is most unfortunate that an ignorant citizenry assumes that the missiles fired by Hamas are of any significance. They are of the same quality as the weaponry of the Ottoman Empire that disappeared by 1914.
    Israel could not get away with it if the US did not expend so many billions of dollars on the latest and most deadly munitions. Of course, it is not only the US that censures progress for Palestinians. The Marshall Islands do their share too, it appears. The Marshall Islands should stick to dealing with issues such as Godzilla methinks. The whole thing really is covered like a football match. Israelis who moved into Palestinian houses just north of the Gaza Strip watch from a height of safety and cheer the thunder of explosions that kill children for the most part.
    Thanks again for the cogent and accurate words, Hariod!

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      1. Thanks for the reply and link to Novaramedia, it was quite a helpful and clear piece. I can get confused regarding notifications, actually, I can get confused about more than notifications. Glad you found and forwarded the information.
        I’ve just uploaded another blog entry: “Master Historians at Play”. Hope you find it worth perusal.
        Best regards, kind Sir!

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  3. I need to remark that Israel and their enabler (pretty much a single enabler at that) seek to silence opposing voices. They made this quite clear by bombing a media complex that included Al Jazeera, a source that many of us rely upon to provide exactly those views that Israel finds inconvenient and damaging to their image as a Western force for good in the Middle East. It is easier to replace links to violent deaths with deafeningly droned misinformation. The role of the victim must always be defined as meritorious and positive occupiers who desire only peace. It is a single card that may be played upon any and all circumstances of a state that has always been apartheid-driven — 73 years and counting.

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