Polite Police Protect Systemic Racists At Every Opportunity

Derek Chauvin vs. George Floyd now takes the stage, and with it the same familiar team of white-supremacists standing at the fore. The actions are well-woven into the fabric of racism in the US, this time including a nine-year-old and a seventeen-year-old in a process that will deny their witness. These young and principled participants are already suffering the ravages of PTSD, they will have to live with these events for the rest of their lives.

The accused are always likely to become the exonerated as the judicial process discovers all the ways that a fabric of systemic racism allows in a white-supremacist system. Fiction morphs into undeniable fact when the hallowed myths arise to defend the indefensible, the blue lives that matter will win again against the black lives that must be yoked eternally under a systemic interpretation of exclusion and domination under the weight of darkly unprincipled law.

Derek Chaupin

This time the tale is told by the witnesses first hand, the drama merges the facts found on the ground. The facts report that George Floyd’s neck was pinned between the knee of Derek Chauvin and the asphalt below, all told in less than eight minutes of recorded history. This to serve the system and to protect the criminal police in an injustice system that always spins the wheel to favor law and order. We are asked to forgive the perpetrators and to judge the victimized at every encounter with brute force. Chauvin benefits from the procedures written in the statutes that keep policemen free of any accounting, to find the means to view the socially marginalized as worthless thugs who willfully choose to defy the law — a simple-minded view of law that persuades judges to side with the perpetrator and to toss the full extent of law at the innocent. The system has always been gamed in this way, it is how criminals get to walk from the crime scene and to receive admiration from those citizens who voted for “tough on crime” judges.

The right of the privileged to benefit from spoils is never permitted to change, tradition and heritage insist that the spoils be shared with the very people who game the system. Although the evidence has already been sequestered from questioning eyes, the American interpretation of justice demands that damning evidence never be exposed to the light of day. DNA evidence may determine that the falsely imprisoned must remain behind bars despite irrefutable evidence that they are totally innocent. Please know that whites who are falsely imprisoned are released to rejoin their families when such evidence appears. Damn near no blacks are ever released to return to their families, evidence be damned .

The laws that protect the guilty are the only laws consulted in the statutes that line the walls of the prosecutor’s office. This is not evidence of fate and the blindness of judgement, it is a means to fully remove citizens from public life due to the exigencies of race, to condemn every member of that race as potentially criminal threats to polite society. Polite society to be understood as white society, by force of history.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

5 thoughts on “Polite Police Protect Systemic Racists At Every Opportunity”

  1. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for highlighting those vexing and outstanding matters, many of which remain unresolved.

    I would like to mention that there is another big factor contributing to the crisis. Watch the following video entitled “Adam Ruins Everything – Our Overuse of SWAT Teams Makes Us Less Safe”:

    In addition, there is a book entitled “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces” published in 2013 by investigative journalist Radley Balko who focuses on the subject of militarization of police in the United States, in addition to the issues of police corruption and brutality in conjunction with white supremacy.

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  2. I thought most of the police were black.
    But yes I do believe America is in decline and thankfully China comes here to Israel for helping them feed their people now with milk and butter thrown in. Saying that all white are racists is really not logical but it seems you whites hate yourselves. Personally I think it is what it is and we all need to add what is going on on Syria and Mozambique plus South America to understand that the people on earth as a planet are mostly disgusting. I really chose the wrong planet but some people are amazing black and white. Why America still has a gun problem is a mystery to me. I understood it was in case the government agent rogue then when they attacked parliament they were put in jail. I know I am confused but I think it is the world not me.


    1. Hello Mikel,
      Well, the police are decidedly not black, in fact, they have been highly infiltrated by the Klan and by white-supremacist groups that support such organizations. They are also trained in Israel, where the knee-to-the-neck technique — a means of control by terror — is known as lynching. Police with a history of poor race relations have sent entire police to Israel to obtain training in the niceties of kneeling on the neck of a “suspect” who has already been handcuffed is standard lynching practice. All I m trying to do here is to address such misinformation. Not all people in history are “mostly disgusting”. However, the systemic falsehoods that fail to address the criminals of Empires spawned by Europe to subjugate, plunder, and colonize are identified by their history books as the heroes of Western Civilization and a jealous Judeo-Christian tradition.


  3. The one good thing to come out of all this is that the trial is being televised, live! That is a first, I believe, for the trial of a police officer. Anyone who has seen any part of this will have been moved by the power of the witnesses’ testimonies. There needs to be a lot more of this transparency.

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    1. Thanks for these comments, Snowbird. Getting the trial televised is an enormous help. The sheer number of witnesses and the detail they bring to the light cannot be underestimated. Thank you for helping to provide such thoughts on transparency!

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