Anthony Bourdain: “Vegans Should Kill Themselves”

Gratefully reblogged from Amanda’s think&thrive blog. Worth your moment, I believe.

I was not a Bourdain follower and did not know how viscerally vegans repulsed him, but it should come as no surprise whatever. Sideshow geeks draw paying customers and repeat business.
Endless memorials and testimonials celebrate a life well lived if decadently conducted.  His views were highly respected and acknowledged, they have been immortalized. This video is the first negative review I’ve seen published, but vegan tails do not generally wag the dog, do they?

3 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain: “Vegans Should Kill Themselves””

      1. Yes! That shows my frustration. Of course, in the time of COVID, I made sure to use hand sanitizer before doing so even though I’ve always been good with washing my hands. Haha! All joking aside, people are just morbidly shallow for wishing death on vegans let alone vegetarians. It’s like, what did non-meat eaters do to this person? People can be so unbelievable.


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