Barnyard-Animal Values

Humans are not the only Earth residents born with an inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Homo sapiens are not the only Earthly beings born to thrive, to live long and prosper, to experience joie de vivre. They do not show up at your door intending to be killed and dissected for humane consumption. More likely, they will run as soon as you open the door.

comparative anatomy

Running for your life: is it instinctual?

Vegan humans reject a conventional “wisdom” that deems beasts naturally occurring resources, food options, and fashion statements. NonVegan humans devise clever ways to subdue and conquer, to enslave, to transport “livestock” to butcheries, tanneries, renderers. Dominion (dominance) over animals is an arbitrary human conceit.

How many animals can you name that have intensely complex central nervous systems? Highly developed processes relay sensory and autonomic information to the brain. Gaze into a pig’s eye and know how much you share, how much you communicate, how much information transfers in the blink of each eye. Is it comparable to looking into a child’s eyes? That’s a loaded question. A barnyard animal’s heart was already beating prenatally inside her mother’s womb. Her fate was already decided, but not by her mother.

Does a pregnant cow know that her calves will disappear immediately upon departing the womb? Is she relieved at having her children separated from her teat so that bovine milk might be redirected into ice cream and casein? Is her boy prepared for a vealy good future?

Where are the bovine fathers? Insemination is artificial, so the point is moot. Long ago sets of bovine ancestors lived as nuclear families. Is this irrelevant information?

Does a sow wish her piglet a brutish life, an incarcerated existence and an early death?


Anthropomorphism does not explain the enormous emotional and physical characteristics that humans share with barnyard animals. I envisage a book about such animals as a sanctuary that offers a refuge from the colossal carnage that occurs every second of every day.

Veganism is the only conceivable way to counter global warming. Many nonvegans recognize that reality but consider it unrealistic, unfortunately, the reality is as realistic as real can possibly get.

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

A. To get hit by the truck that conveyed her family to death camps: meat-processing facilities, if you will.

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Thanks for reading.


Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

2 thoughts on “Barnyard-Animal Values”

  1. Bill, brilliantly indisputable and nicely accompanied by the VeganStreet illustrations. I don’t recall the first time I noted with any due questioning the instinctive fear animals have of humans. But it was long ago and is to me as certain as it is curious. Is it only within the animals physical and or psychic ability that senses the danger humans possess; or too that humans emit their fraudulence, like an odor perhaps? It is inquisitive how animals of different breeds will mix within the same area, then scatter when even a well-intentioned human nears them.

    Thanks for writing!

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    1. Thank you for your innate kindness, Peter. VeganStreet does indeed have some great resources available.
      Every single one of us (every sentient being) with a spinal chord and eyes possesses a very similar central nervous system that fits evolutionarily with the single planet shared for billions of years. A lot can happen in any given billion year cycle, and it occurs with precision. Once evolution comes upon a good idea she tries it out every place it works.
      The Bible only waited until 26 verses into its first chapter before trusting the untrustable with every living thing that did not qualify as created in the creator’s image ā€” and that happened in the very next verse: 1:27. What could possibly go wrong with that!

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