Calling Culling Killing

Living a vegan lifestyle is its own reward: it is personally satisfying, it improves your personal health and stamina, it rights the injustice of generational theft and recognizes the inalienable right of all sentient beings to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Being outnumbered 33 to 1 doesn’t erase that simple fact of life and death.


Yes the very word “vegan” often elicits quite a reaction from non-vegans — sometimes a shudder, sometimes a groan, sometimes a laugh.

…and y’all make the rest of us sick because we were created to eat meat and to have dominion over the appetizing entrees on the land, in the sea and in the air. That includes hunting, butchering and fashion. All fair game. 

I consider myself a citizen of an Earth without boundaries, a planet where one-citizen one-vote includes all sentient beings — those yet wild and free and those imprisoned without charge in slaughter houses.


I’ve just finished reading an article by Dr. Will Tuttle. It appeared in a helpful and useful resource —  one written with earthy sustainability as a goal: One Green Planet. There you may enjoy a bunch of greenish suggestions for halting the crime of generational theft

How can spiritual teachers be meat eaters? Well, most people searching for spiritual insight are not yet vegan, but that long arc leading from here to full rights for the 75 billion units served per annum? It’s way out there: way, way — but gets closer with each non-meat bite.

From experience I know that you may have to hit proverbial rock-bottom before turning the train-wreck of your existence around. The clear and present threat to vegans as well as non-vegans is not found in the news. Most news organizations are either corporately owned or corporately sponsored, advertising is their lifeblood.  An endless flow of 40′ containers course their way on the open sea. When you buy cheap eye-candy manufactured of plastic, your purchase triggers an order to a factory. What’s the harm of that?

  1. you are most likely sanctioning human trafficking.
  2. you are contributing to further global warming
  3. you are consuming the limited amount of biomass of a past extinction event.
  4. the eye-candy goes to a landfill, but it eventually ends up in the oceans to maim, kill and pollute: from phytoplankton to the formerly land-based whales. Whales are highly intelligent fellow mammals who fared better in the ocean because their legs didn’t evolve very well.
  5. Old plastics don’t die, and they don’t just fade away —they go on to kill the creatures downstream who were around before “civilization” arrived to kill all not already marked for cull. Culling is killing.


Generational Theft. It’s as unreported and as stark as the deaths of 75 billion sentient beings each year. Leave the grand kids to fend for themselves.

The futures market is a place to earn a return on livestock before they become deadstock. Pork belly futures go up and down, but the pigs heading to market only go down — they asked for it by dint of yumminess. Don’t forget the little piggy that had roast beef, the little piggy that had none (or tofu, it’s the same thing isn’t it?).

Dr. Tuttle asks a direct question on a puzzling state of affairs. The incredible made credible, the inexplicable explicated.

“Why Are Few Spiritual Teachers Vegan?”

“While it’s relatively easy to bemoan and blame corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, and sociopathic decision makers in the military-industrial complex for our woes, the obvious and undeniable fact is that these leaders and power brokers are, inevitably, an accurate mirror of the consciousness of we the people. Attempting to improve the quality of our leaders without improving the quality of ourselves is an exercise in futility.”

The vast majority of physicians eat meat, but that circumstance is changing rapidly as more homo sapiens arrive at the epiphany that convinces former meat-eaters to eschew body-parts, to realize that we’re on the way to a day when homo sapiens refrain from wiping out entire ecosystems at a time. Ecosystems have died out in five previous extinction events, creating your own such event is not something to brag about. So, what do each of those events hold in common? Carbon dioxide induced glass house effect. Sustainable lifestyles not tied to fossil fuels do not fuel the greenhouse effect.

In closing, let’s see what the doctor ordered. I found the following in WebMD, the largest pile in the waiting room.

But if your vegetarian co-worker is noshing greasy veggie burgers and fries every day for lunch, is he likely to be healthier than you, who always orders the grilled salmon? Definitely not!” —  WebMD

The WebMD article does not mention that the salmon is culled from an increasingly threatened ecosystem. It probably did not want to end up on the patient’s or physician’s plate in the first place.

Thanks for reading.



Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

6 thoughts on “Calling Culling Killing”

  1. You forgot to mention that we’ve pretty much already destroyed salmon populations. What’s mostly ‘grilled salmon’ anymore is a farmed fish raised on fish pellets and has none of the healthy omega-3’s a wild fish would have. My veggie burgers, at least, HAVE omega-3’s (flax seed), only a little fat from olive oil, and is 100% whole food. And my kids love ‘em.

    ‘Culling’ is what is necessary for eggs and dairy. I don’t know of a single person that doesn’t think it’s wrong to create then promptly kill the unwanted percentage of babies, yet 33 of them continue to consume and purchase these items while only one made very clear and simple changes. Purchasing power is very real, but the masses have to come on board for it to have real effect.

    33 to 1 do not want things to change; they just want us to quit reminding them of their contradiction.

    We’re the problem, not them. Great post, Bill.

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    1. Hi Shannon, Thank you for the kind words and your perspective on the decimation of wild salmon populations. I’ve just now read some recent articles on the topic, you inspire me to write more on their behalf. WebMD is a slick publication that slides around on every table in every doctor’s waiting room. Meanwhile the entire ocean is turned into a network of farms and more trees are felled to churn out more WebMd magazines.

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  2. On another note, did you ever see this post?

    They’re out there, but I agree. Most spiritual leaders are most assuredly anthropocentric in their sermons. When a church comes along that encompasses the importance of all living things — and doesn’t view humans as exclusive, somehow special in the eyes of ‘God’ — I might join up. Science and religion CAN complement each other, but not in the ways of the majors that came about before science.

    For the sake of our planet and our species, we need to try.

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  3. Wow, what a great blog there, I enjoyed “bright aisles dark alleys” immensely and now follow Tashi Nyima. I follow up on your recommendations, as well as Scottie’s suggestions for that matter, such as Peter Brannan’s *The Ends of the World* What a great book!

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      1. A very intriguing and well-written article, Shannon. I also hadn’t heard of this organization, but their insight is keen and without a sugar-coated tone. There are enough people waiting around for their deity to notice their wrangling wrists and to “fix” it all with omnipotence.
        Comments are *always* welcome here. In fact, they encourage and motivate me to keep on keeping on. More than enough comments are never more than enough 🙂

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