Palestine Children’s Relief Fund: Cincinnati 2016

Yesterday I met a young mother and her infant child at the annual PCRF picnic 2016.
I gazed into the eyes of that beautiful woman and her precious child. Let me just inform you that they are in Cincinnati because those who can help transcended borders and the powers that be, to bring them to Ohio. Helping the helpless. Something that defines Menschheit (the word for “humanity” in German and Yiddish). Mother and child are here because white phosphorous burns to the bone. And, yes, it happened in Gaza.
Yesterday brought souls together to share inextinguishable joy in the very spite of every attempt to extinguish the spirit of a proud people, century-long family traditions in culture, history and charm.
Yes, they melted my heart, moistened my eyes.
The occupiers who uproot ancient olive trees wishes that these people would plant their ancient roots anywhere but along the paradise of a Mediterranean shore that has nourished Philistines (Filistina) for so long.
The occupiers boast of residing in a land celebrated as mere desert waiting for miracle workers to bring seed to fruit. The evicted and exiled Philistine people have every right listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including a refugee’s right to return. The United States signed this document in 1948, the year of Nakba.
Yesterday I attended the PCRF picnic and enjoyed splendid company, warm smiles and genuine enthusiasm. Most importantly it was an opportunity to meet people who better our world by healing wounds, providing support for families and restoring hope that the youngest and most innocent among us may flourish.
Such a delight and a privilege to speak personally with people who work miracles in the course of their daily lives. Cynicism and disillusionment are not support systems within PCRF: joy derived from mending deep wounds humbles the ego and makes room for love. 

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

2 thoughts on “Palestine Children’s Relief Fund: Cincinnati 2016”

  1. Bill, have you read any of my dear freind, Nahida’s work?

    Nahida is an exiled Palestinian whose poetry and articles are truly amazing and highly informative.

    Like myself, Nahida believes in the Full Liberation of Palestine, non of this two state solution talk, no, that’s a sell out, the final act of the failed zionist experiment will be the Full Liberation of Palestine.


  2. Hello Genie, It’s wonderful to find that we three agree on that expedient two-state solution sham. Nahida’s post today “Paradox” balances the being of exile, supporting that massive bag of beings and things by one hand and the pot with plants and ready roots in the other hand. Refugee tents as garb and also floating along in that air. Weight impossibly suspended by thread-thin legs. The spectres in the background that ascend from Nakba (1948) and Naksa (1967).
    Do you know Arabic? A close Palestinian friend attended my Saturday morning German class for four years. So he introduced me to that marvelous language, with all the writing I do on Palestine it is such joy to learn more of its ancient secrets each day. 🙂

    شكرا جزيلا my friend!

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