#HateHurts is a blog I follow and recommend. Misinformation and deliberate bias provokes; it intends to provoke. Broadcasters who long for a return to the Pre-Enlightenment write volumes that with titles like The Glory of the Crusades. Authors with absolutely no knowledge of Arabic language and diverse cultural roots endlessly repeat bad translations of the Quran. This is not scholarship: the title is all you need. Wink and a nod to the ignorant, arrogant and angry. The following video features propaganda using false witness.

Not responding to evil is a complicit act.

In the aftermath of acts of violence/terror by someone from a Muslim background, there is a unique backlash that takes place against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim. There is often an upswing in assigning collective blame to the greater Muslim community, resulting in violent attacks or harassment against Muslims and their institutions. This […]

via A List of Anti-Muslim Incidents Since The Orlando Shooting — #HateHurts

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

3 thoughts on “#HateHurts”

  1. The Islamic terrorists have nothing to do with Allah, the Only One True God whose Name is Jehovah. ISIS/ISIL or Daesh like Boko Haram rape, sell and murder innocent children, burn mosques and even Qurans which is considered an unforgivable act against God and against Islam.

    People should come to see how those criminals often previously and now when converted, spend more in time prison, in battle or combat, than in reading the Quran, praying and going to the mosque. Often they are just criminals and can not be considered real faithful to God.


    1. Thank you for the very thoughtful response. I extend my apology on this quite late reply.
      Hate spreads wide when it gloms onto existing tenets and tracts of an established global faith. Exigencies of geopolitics permit agencies with agenda to draw text at will and of choice that further wholly concocted dogmas that further temporal and unrelated objectives.
      Interesting that daesh is a clever rendering of acronym in Arabic language for ISIS/ISIL and Arabic vocabulary that suggests “bully.”
      Your participation is valued and timely. It did not deserve a belated reply.


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