Don’t Tread on These


White persons become conditioned from birth to death to believe that they are the de facto gold standard for “great”ness, something is inherited from the innate genius of a certain Western Civilization. The unthinkable: not having whites to rule the roost. Skin pigmentation matters because forefathers are never presented as persons of color. Destiny, manifestly blessed by God for those with less melanin, is something inherited from Adam and Eve: the first and significant players on this planet. White persons remain forever blessed and deemed proper by the god that they created. Quite on the other hand, existing while black has always been subservient to the cultures deemed proper in the history of humankind.  



Wealth is enormously maldistributed. Mr. Branson is only the first of the celebrity billionaires to romp about at the edge of space, more gaiety is scheduled by the same priviliged nice people who “earned” capital. Stay tuned to your media outlet for the next billionaires to romp about and above, Capitalism continues to stick its invisible finger into the pots planetwide. Capital makes all the decisions and it does all the thinking. Climate disruptions will continue to occur as if ordained by a faithful white God, whatever the political economy. One-hundred-and-seven degree days in the Pacific Northwest are the hot new trend. At some point, the human body will not be able to sweat away the small stuff. Skin pores will be unable to process relative humidity. At about 140 degrees, the science states that the bodies of those individuals must drown in their own perspiration in places like India and Pakistan. Anhidrosis is the inability to sweat. If you are unable to move to a more forgiving climate — or able to find perspiration relief via air conditioning — you become headlines and trend setters. I do not intend to echo bad news for the thrill of it, it is the simple result of political economies that do not plan for exigencies. Being the bear of bad news is like a muffled scream to point out that reality does not care, it will occur in proportion to the degree to which reality is ignored by citizens and their respective governments, for those who have no mouth but must scream.

Yet, the most privileged of them all are quick to find fault with the fellow human beings who somehow pose threats to the natural law of white supremacy. Even an academic term used to describe the systemic failure of whites to admit any responsibility for the exploitation of others is viewed as a slam on the gentle workings of worldwide capitalism. They explain the term “critical race theory” as an assault on common decency, an attempt to enslave whites under Marxism, a threat to the police who maintain law and order, a snipe at judges who are “tough on crime.” The events of 6 January are dismissed as attempts to deny tourists access to their home: the Capitol complex. History is supposed to deem the participants as patriots. Anyone politically to the left of Donald Trump is a threat to religious liberty and family values.

Vaccination against a virus that threatens 99% of antivaxxers is labelled as the imposition of tyranny. The only citizens actually endangered are the antivaxxers themselves. Don’t tread on them.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Tread on These”

  1. You know Dear, I was doing my entomologist search in the wee hour to understand what and when the tier system by which nations are graded 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries, I found it was coined back in 1952 by a social geographer to list as 1st word those nations who were members of NATO. This also excluded nations not based in successful capitalist culture. The ideas not yet tried believed capitalism was the most free and equitable social model in our history. 2nd world were those nations tied to the USSR

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  2. As you know, I don’t blog much anymore. I’m like, “What’s the point?” But I did want to say that this post is right on point. While the billionaires play like the players on the Titanic before it sank, so too, will they. We are ALL going to suffer for the foolishness of what a certain ‘group’ put into play thanks to their depravity, arrogance and inhumanity. There will be nowhere to hide; not even in space. For man must breathe and there is nothing man made that has given man the ability to breathe continuously without oxygen. I do realize that there is a space station, but it can only hold three people until their replacements get there and then it can only hold a maximum of ten. One thing about man made mess, it is going to break down.

    Have you seen the news out of Europe? The floods are catastrophic. Fire season has started early for the states. Soon the hurricanes will become problematic. From one end of the globe to the other, there will be no escape. ‘Man’ has sealed his fate.

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