Why I Prefer the Culture of Death

I listen to rightwing evangelical programs in order to keep myself informed on their orthodox views and to check the bases of my own touchstones. There are no leftwing equivalent broadcasting giants, if you don’t like the smell of brimstone then I will suggest lend it an ear and see how well your own beliefs stack up to their public voices and challenges. EWTN is the old nun on the block, if you have fond memories of sisters twisting minds in their school systems expect a warm welcoming hearth fueled by sulphur in your radio. If you have purchased an automobile already equipped with SiriusXm radio, you can find the softest softballs in the evangelical white world on The Catholic Channel (129). The segments are organized by the patriarchs of church organization. As a result, women do not fare well on The Catholic Channel. Turnover is rapid and generally unannounced. Another reason I give for choosing the Culture of Death!

Barbara McGuigan: ProLife Warrior. She takes no prisoners

Mother Angelica, formerly of Canton OH, brought patriarchy-friendly broadcasters to a hundreds of airwave owners. The “good fight” to make abortion impossible is the single issue that each program feverishly shares, a litmus test that is as reliable as a home-pregnancy kit. Another thing that each broadcaster brings to his (the default personal pronoun) audience is a perpetual drone on the only issue that counts for their audience, the only issue that will forever count it seems: Roe v. Wade. They fail to mention that 5% of American women will seek an abortion at some point (or multiple points) in their fertile years. That number does not change. Another number that never changes is assigning responsibility to the women listening to their drum beat, though men can impregnate fertile women by the hundreds or thousands during their fertile years. A woman can only become pregnant around one year.

Speaking of statistics, racism is rampant and full-throated in the world of Catholic broadcasting. Blacks make up only a few percent of membership in Catholic parishes. Blacks have simply come to know that the welcome mat is flipped to the Jim Crow side when a black person darkens the church door. The events occurring at this very moment in Minneapolis make institutional racism as clear as white. Gun culture is active among their congregants, many of them like the smell of gunpowder in the morning.

The failed Capitol coup of 6 January 2021 brought the racist card to ever more games. Trump is a friend, a hero, a stalwart white force for a systemic white supremacism that many congregants share. Those who do not are accused of joining with the “Cancel Culture.” At any given point I demonstrate my membership in that cultural crime. During and after the 2020 election cycle, a vote for Trump meant a vote for religious freedom and religious liberty. Freedom and Liberty are watchwords that reveal the racist cards for each deck cut. BLM means Blue Lives Matter to the comfortably wealth-managed congregants who showed up to follow Trump on 6 January, not noticing that the racist they followed did not follow them to the Capitol grounds. No, he went to a personal family and freaks rally in the White House Bunker to celebrate carnage and opportunism for present and future political ambition. The faces in that bunker room crowd look eerily akin to the faces of crowds celebrating the carnage and opportunism at a traditional family-friendly town square lynching.

Sequanda Haugabook, left, and Rodney Miller put up paper saying “take it down now” onto the mural painted by artist Dave Powers in Elgin May 19, 2016. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

In a country where black property rights are marginalized by any means possible, where gentrification is the theft of value by means of gentrification, blacks lose entire neighborhoods to bidding wars that sell homes owned by families for generations. Property is purchased at a bargain-basement price and then sold to whites who accomplish something called “wealth management.” Another way to play the game: sew discord in potentially valuable neighborhoods and blame the marginalized for damage to property jobbed out to arsonists and similar “growth industries” in a modern economy.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

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