News from the Manor

This weekend becomes the shortest of the year Sunday at 2 AM. I have to stay up until that hour to celebrate a milestone on the March toward Spring. So, I shall take these shortened moments to check the benchmarks as they appear. A second jab of Pfizer marked the placement of a vaccine stone, with a notation that my system is less prone to the velcro-armed tentacles of COVID-19. I now wear my Lil’ Bub mask with some assurance that my bodily organs are less prone to destruction by pandemic. My long-suffering intestinal remnants receive an injection of something called a biologic, the trademark is Humira. I shall try to inform you if a total system collapse precipitates.

Lil Bub

We’re hardly more wise at believing that this pandemic will end soon, never to return. Viruses are patient mechanisms that learn from their errors, expect them to jump from the cesspool of wild, wooly, and wicked animals cells. To leap back and forth with abandon at the most precocious moment. They don’t waste time and they learn the lessons of their history, we just facilitate the process by never learning the lessons of our history. We’re more likely to leap at something as wise and as helpful as Qanon, an affliction that many leap at to explain the inexplicable in terms of the impossible. Where one leaps off the cliff, there leap them all — “Where go one we go all” as the coiled snake has it. Where? Well, over the cliff, of course!

Our insistence on blazing fossil fuels fast finds us climbing into gas-guzzling megavehicles to make it likely that we’ll reach the abyss first. Unity is the new MAGAnity, so let us proceed with inanity. Watch out for coiled snakes along the path, assign a shotgun to the individual riding shotgun so that they can shoot the driver at the first appearance of a coiled snake.

Question coiled snakes, but give them accurate directions to the nearest available abyss.

By curious coincidence, Sunday is also Pi Day. May the 3.141592 be with you too.

Perhaps you will want to calculate the distance that the Earth has traveled on its orbit since 1 January. Whatever your measures for celebrating this wondrously wise day, may your vision be unencumbered by the false promises and misinformed machinations of short-sightedness.

Hoping all is well at your respective manors, all and one!

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

2 thoughts on “News from the Manor”

  1. I reckon that pandemics will crop up with regularity now. Humankind has created the conditions for it, and unless we get some kind of balance back into the world – which won’t happen voluntarily – this will be our lives. What a pack of nutjobs! Not you and me, of course, Bill 🙂


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