21st Century European Squatters

I haven’t written much recently about the ambitions of the 21st Century European colonialists. However, suffice to say that their modus operandi is familiar for those who are students of European empires over the centuries. I have discussed their methods thoroughly on this blog, readers familiar with my research — and new readers — may find much background information at the following set of links. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have for me, as I vet my material rigorously and am prepared to back up any misgivings. Anyone who is not a troll is most welcome to comment.

Bill Ziegler’s articles on Palestine

The British Empire wouldn’t waste time when abandoning a former colony, they simply packed up, counted their losses, and proceeded to shore up the ones that had not yet tossed off the yoke. Intelligence agents built what was to become The Mossad before the occupiers declared statehood in 1948. Palestinians had already suffered under the Ottoman rule for centuries, the moribund League of Nations was a European legal instrument for settler/colonial ambitions tested by other imperial players over the centuries. Legal instruments such as the one signed by Lord Balfour were straw-man foils used to wrestle control of Palestine from the British in 1948. The Palestinians were nearly weaponless, were without a military, and were already experiencing massive ethnic cleansing by 1947. The Nakba was an inside job.

US Imperial Misperception of Jerusalem

When the British Empire left — without ceremony — in 1948, the transfer of governance to European Zionists was already effected and was operating effectively and ruthlessly, thus insuring white-supremacist future occupiers a piece of the spoils taken from indigenous Palestinians. Their impatience extended to the Mizrahi Jewish populations as well. White populations displaced the indigenous. White supremacist Zionists garnered a complete political, economic, and cultural hegemony. Zionism is a European belief system that grew rapidly during something called the Mandate for Palestine, a questionable legal instrument that left scorched-earth in its wake. There have never been any demilitarized zones — the Palestinians have now suffered 73 years of ruthless military control by occupying forces, first when the diaspora began in 1948, then further occupied by those forces in 1967. Settler colonialism continues to this day.

Occupiers do not need many international friends to keep the hegemony equipped and smoothly operating — the US and the Marshall Islands are sufficient in number to maintain control via veto power at the United Nations. Veto power has ensured that the white supremacists keep the region safe for white people who have the pale skin of their European ancestors.

The US Empire began the long trail that leads to extermination for the Indigenous tribes encountered between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Land area by land area, geographical expanses carved with blood into 50 federal states. As history books like to say, “mistakes were made.” However, that does not mean that any recompense has ever been made or ever will be made to account for those “mistakes.” To the victor goes the lifeblood of the conquered.

Palestinians have, of course, not been compensated for their loss of a homeland to the entity that seems the divine right of the current occupiers. Imagine that a significant number of Native Americans were alive in a significant portion of each 50 states of the current US Homeland, that the Empire had somehow honored the treaties signed by the many tribes now decimated.

The Palestinians have no control over their basic survival needs. Even present-day advancements in COVID-19 vaccines are championed worldwide, while the Palestinians are denied a single vial of serum by the forces presently occupying Palestine. There are as many Palestinians in that original land as there are occupiers who have stolen it. The occupied eke out an existence on the fragments of land not already claimed as the rights and spoils for the victors.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

7 thoughts on “21st Century European Squatters”

    1. Thank you, kind Sir! Settler colonial types do not enjoy being identified as such. This is precisely why I do not mention a certain governance by name — such as sraë (not the real name of a country protected by the US of Empire since 1948).

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      1. It is just interesting how you spend so much time and energy never mind the inclination to bother with this colonial country. Today there are so many to choose from. I would be interested to read about countries like China, Russia or Iran. Are you are talking about both Palestinians and Israeli Arabs or just Palestinians.

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        1. Thanks for asking, Sir. I am interested in the empires that originated in Europe, the hegemony of the British Empire on both Jewish and Palestinian populations, the Palestinians expelled in 1948, the total number of Palestinians who entered a diaspora in 1948, the subjugation of Palestinians by the Israeli Occupying Forces, the colonization of the West Bank, the decimating of Palestinian land since 1967, the political prisoners detained indefinitely without charge, the Palestinians used as guinea pigs and bombing targets in Gaza. In short, the slow but eventual extermination of the Palestinian people of any faith, of any political persuasion, of any occupation/trade by the occupiers of Israel, the anti semitism against Arab Semites by Hebrew Semites.

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          1. Israel and Palestine have increasing Arab populations so why do you think Israel is exterminating anybody? Our Syrian neighbours exterminated 500,000 men women and children some of them possibly using poison gas and they don’t even get a passing mention. I just don’t understand why you don’t come and visit here so you can move on. Or you could get hold of Nuseir Yassin that runs NAS Daily and chat with him about your version of history around these parts.

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  1. Hi Bill – yesterday my wife had this amazing meat meal up North in an Arab chain of 86 restaurants across Israel in the evening and consulted with Dr Yunis Said at his consultation office in Hadera. He told my wife she didn’t have rheumatism and wrote a letter to her doctor. Dr Yunis runs a department in a local hospital as his day job. We have just finished having our teeth fixed with implants by Dr. Mohamed Watad the best dentist we could find. He actually uses a dental lab in Paris as he thinks their standard is better than those in Israel. Dr. Watad’s father is more than wealthy and inherited land from his family all here in what you call Palestine. Personally I don’t see how we are so different from other countries except here there are a lot of Startups and quite a few make it to unicorn status. The workers and owners are also a mixture of Jews and Arabs. Today there is intermarriage between everyone and I think it time you came and visited us here and investigated for yourself.
    I gave this your latest impression of history to a famous historian asking for his comments and if he replies I will pass-it-on to you. I am not a historian and although I have read a lot and live here in Israel all I know is that you have a biased approach to history and I have no idea why actual facts are not more interesting.

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    1. Good of you to pass on my words to a historian of repute. I have known that your country is a bit hesitant to admit to any activity of a distinct European colonial tradition, so I deliberately omitted the name of your country (hint: name begins with an I and ends with an L). No sense in ruffling any feathers when such ruffling is not necessary. The electorate fully supports such action, so a continuity leading to ever more settlements may continue apace.

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