Treacle-down Economics

As slow as molasses does the treacle trickle.

Capitalism and fascism are two political vectors that get the job done, but they are as sausage, citizens do not want to know where it comes from. In case you hadn’t already known, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is now dictator of Hungary. Be assured that Viktor is still a friend of Donald (present leader of the American Empire and a brand accepted by tyrants the world over). 

“Making matters worse, the only effective opposition to Orbán and Fidesz is the far right Jobbik Party, an often overtly anti-Semitic and anti-Roma movement that for years had a jackbooted militia that marched through Roma neighborhoods in uniforms evocative of those of the Nazi-era Arrow Cross, the group that murdered Jews on the banks of the Danube.” 

The basics have not changed. The celebration of ignorance has been going on here since the 15th Century in the hemisphere of my birth.

The enduring myth of the colonialists Source

Jeff Bezos is the de facto image of capitalism at play in a game, the face behind the treacle. The yoke is on his employees, but capitalism is not a game designed to entertain the worker, it is something to be endured. These are the successful spawners of imperialism — by those who had already perfected the art of Western Civilization. The founders of The American Empire would appreciate t he likes of Jeff Bezos — capitalism abhors anyone who abhors waste, whether it be billions of passenger pigeons, millions of bison, millions of human resources extracted from Africa, or the fossil fuels from the biomass of an earlier extinction event.

The US Empire assumes that every square millimeter on the planet may be subsumed under the foil of national interest. That “interest” includes the right to attack cultures and peoples who are standing in the way, their value gets determined by geopolitical players equipped with unimaginable military force looking to install a puppet regime by force or manipulation. The Monroe Doctrine declared the entire hemisphere a free-enterprise fire zone backed up by the company gunboats for corporations such as United Fruit Company. We come in peace, let us fit you with this here yoke.

White-Supremacists need feel no personal complicity in the devastation that they leave in their wake, the spoils go to the proudly arrogant and/or the abominably ignorant, history books make crooked paths appear straight. Nixon’s revenge came in the form of Fox News.

It has been this way since the first “white man” brought report of plunder to their respective monarchies. Machiavellians stole the land, killed the former land-dwellers, and brought slaves from Africa to man the fields. New Europe “needed” the free labor that a cultured and polite white society enjoys.

Voter-Suppression schemes deliberately exclude Blacks from casting ballots. Trump’s SCOTUS appointments have already tipped the balance in favor of further marginalization. Those two justices have already cast their weighty ballots to create an ever more racist union, gerrymandering is now the law of the land.

The Supreme Court Case That Enshrined White Supremacy in Law

This country’s white-supremacist system is steeped in insatiable greed and anchored in unassailable law, it is a colonial/capitalist engine designed to extract ever more from non-whites and to direct the profits into a white-controlled oligarchy that is 100% homogenized. Trumpism = Imperial US White Fascism, a form of racism that prefers to take no prisoners.


Treacle trickles slowly, but the billionaire class sucks up like a Hoover.

Productivity gains should accrue to persons working the longest and the hardest, but those enormous gains flow rather to the self-same coffers of the few and the mighty. For a capitalist, “creating wealth” is like taking candy from a baby — something that only a sociopath would do, not a person with a soul. To the sociopath it’s only the treacling that matters Treacle-down Economics in a treacle-down system.

The history passed on to every generation is whitewashed into that very color and has been since day one of this God-bless-the-whites society; wealth by stealth is the abnormal-normal: the multi-billionaire class. How many billionaires are Black?

The white-written history of this place is filled to the brim with lies and delusions of grandeur, passed on from one generation of white thieves and liars to the next. Telling the truth is unAmerican activity.

Gentrification is colonization.

Colonization and gentrification have run the entire hemisphere since the 15th Century, they had established slavery by the 16th Century, and desire to continue at an ever-increasing rate into the 21st Century. They displace entire tapestries of cultures with breathtaking brutality and rapidity. Gentrification (‘people of gentle birth’, ‘landed gentry’). To ‘colonize’ better describes the dynamic, to ‘settle’ always denotes a white-supremacist narrative. ADOS (American Descendants of Slaves) are systemically marginalized. To gentrify a neighborhood is a radical act that separates Black culture from roots — it had already started in 1519 — on any square millimeter that whites wish to reseed.

As many historians have pointed out, one of the reasons the South was able to exercise a stranglehold on race relations in national politics was the supervention of the famous three-fifths clause, once the focus of abolitionist attacks on the Constitution. When the former slaves were counted as full persons, the former slave states gained twenty congressional seats, a twenty-five-per-cent bump. They also gained votes in the Electoral College. They suppressed the votes of their African-American residents, then got full representational credit for them.

The Supreme Court Case That Enshrined White Supremacy in Law

Both conservatives and neoliberals rely upon tight voter-suppression measures to keep Blacks disenfranchised in perpetuity. This is criminal activity made sacrosanct at every level of government — no taxation but over-representation. What gives with that?

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

13 thoughts on “Treacle-down Economics”

  1. Bill, thank you for this! Even though I was already hopping mad because I was reading about how American descendants of slavery are over-represented in coronavirus related deaths in Michigan, Louisiana, and Illinois and the list is going to grow due to the fact of our jobs making it impossible for us NOT to report to work and not only that, but the fact that many of those low wage jobs do not come with health care means we are doomed. In addition to that, the disparities in health care between Black people and whites, coupled with Black people having a serious and well founded fear of white supremacy medicine and we are the face of COVID-19 deaths. We can’t escape to the Hamptons. We can’t escape to mountain and desert hideways, nor can we sail the oceans in super yachts, nor wait it out in luxury underground bunkers. We must stand on the floor of Amazon warehouses and make sure that we maintain the flow of items to the ‘work at home’ whites so that they can relieve their ‘quarantine boredom’ while at the same time, continuing to enrich Jeff Bezos.

    We have not forgotten The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, nor have we forgotten what Johns Hopkins did to Henrietta Lacks; the same medical institution that is tasked with keeping tabs on the coronavirus related toll numbers, both in folks who have the virus and those who have died from it. How ironic.

    Those of us who are here through no fault of our own are first in line for death because we have no wealth. And what’s more, we have been conditioned to assist the system of white supremacy in killing ourselves off. Remember when there were damn near riots at Popeye’s over ‘chicken sandwiches’? Who are the last people on this planet who needed to be fighting and killing each other over ‘chicken sandwiches’? And yet, that would be ADOS. Go figure! And yet we are also the face of diabetes, heart disease and obesity; those underlying conditions that make coronavirus, lethal. And it is for us.

    We are so lost that we are also the only group of people who have taken the most derogatory term ever recorded in history and use it incessantly and claim it as a ‘term of endearment’. We are truly lost and we are headed for mass graves thanks to a system that makes sure that those of us who are American descendants of slavery will ALWAYS be the face of grief, suffering, misery, poverty, disease and death. That has always been our world and it always will be our world. Whites will have it NO other way!

    Again….Thank you for this post.

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    1. Thank you for these insightful and incisive points, Shelby. I am already planning to write followup posts on just such issues, the extent of deliberate damage cannot be overemphasized. Voter suppression at the executive, legislative, and judicial branches is comprehensive. Stacey Abrams would have been governor of Georgia, the first Black female governor in the country, and that is but one election outcome over many voting cycles. Imagine the legislation that would have been enacted if black votes had not been prevented at every single point in the voting process.
      You are absolutely correct on the impact that Covid has on those who cannot self-insulate. Racism kills but is treated as victimless behavior, the “we’re in this together” myth masks the enormous gap between those who can comfortably avoid the virus and those who cannot.
      Getting blacks elected is the single-greatest avenue available, so it becomes job one for those who wish to keep blacks as unrepresented as possible.
      Again, thanks for reading 🙂

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  2. One way or the other, I’ve been facing similar information for over 50 years when in my pre-teens I was quizzed by my European parents on the true causes of the American civil war and before I was 12 I had already read the entire collection of “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo. Then living in Canada with “Americana” thrust in our faces everywhere, especially in our education and electronic entertainment systems, I only became more aware. Now I read your excellent article and besides feeling somewhat guilty for the little I accomplished in the past and angry for all that hasn’t changed, I can only impress over and over that after my lifelong, if low-key, peace, environmental and race relations activism, there is but one sure fire solution left for mankind: to choose to become compassionate people, regardless of social, religious or economic situations. There’s talk now of a full scale general strike though no talk yet of a revolution, and I already know that such a strike would provide another excuse for the security state to come down on the weak, ill-informed, unorganized, leaderless masses. A general strike in the current mood will vanish like dew on the desert sand. But the self empowered, compassionate being will stand or/and die knowing that what s/he is doing is the last right thing. What is truly lacking in today’s Western world is any understanding of what self sacrifice really means. There is joy in the offer of one’s life to help others, an incredible sense of power beyond the self but this is seldom encountered in a self-serving decadent society. Blaming the rich is foolish: they wouldn’t be hoarding it all if they had been seriously challenged; if workers hadn’t sold out their unions, there savings and loans, their democratic gains for the biblical mess of pottage, as in your treacle down economics, popularized by that ultimate bad actor clown, Reagan. I will soon be leaving this mess behind, with a heavy heart as it must be. I will see more personal freedoms lost yet before I go because so few have the wherewithal to realize what they are doing to themselves with their stupidly grinning acquiescence. Long live the naked emperor!

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    1. Thank you so much for this vivid firsthand account, Sha’Tara. Wypipo ‘prefer’ dismissing the very words ‘white supremacism’ from their active vocabularies — unless those two words are clearly limited to wild-eyed skinheads. Western Civilization has always benefitted from standing on the shoulders of black and brown people. Somehow they are expected to be grateful for those firmly-planted feet that are pressing painfully onto their collarbones, but we (collective wypipo) have presumably graced them with the gift of Western culture — let’s just call it even then. Colonialism NEVER makes life better for the colonized and the enslaved. I remember the ascent of that “ultimate bad actor clown, Reagan” very well. Still the role model for what I have renamed as “Mourning in America.”
      Long live the naked emperor!

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  3. It is worthy thing to read and learn more than one knew previous. One is never too old to discover. Moreover, it is a rare thing when good old yours truly finds nothing in the writer’s conclusions that he disagrees with…such was the case with this unimpeachable post. Bravo Bill.

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    1. Thank you from my soul for this marvelous comment, kind Sir! Though I can easily lapse into pedestrian pedantry, my years of teaching have probably borne more fruit than any of my more ‘profitable’ endeavors. Having brought you something new is splendid icing ‘pon this cake I’ve baked. 🙂
      “Unimpeachable” is a peach of a compliment. Think I shall slice that there peach to adorn my cake. 🙂
      My finest regards to Shirley and to George.

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  4. That was a great article. It’s certainly more relevant given these times. Thanks for covering all the facets of racism like in the economic, housing, and colonization sectors.

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    1. Thanks for this kind comment, ospreyshire. Racism is indisputably linked with white-supremacist control of all facets of society. The labels change but their mission statement remains the same — colonialism, fascism, exploitation, imperialism… Propaganda is labeled as historical facts, heritage is synonymous with White cultural traditions.

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      1. No problem! That’s certainly true about how it permeates through so many facets of society. It became even more clear after checking out some books that mention some of these connections in ways I didn’t even expect. Very good point about how propaganda is shown as facts despite being false.


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