Hedonic Hyperphagia

Announcing an alliteration to accompany my entry to Club Septuagenarius. Have I mentioned being born on my mother’s birthday: September 17, 1947? Well, I found a clinical word pair to celebrate a new decade — hedonic hyperphagia — eat one and you’ll eat them all. Whether potato chips (or crisps), Oreos®, All Hallows Eve candy: ad nauseam. It literally describes a fulsome moment. I raise my hand to admit something to a jury of my peers.

“My name is Bill and I am an hyperphagic.”


“Revealing the scientific secrets of why people can’t stop after eating one potato chip” couches that couch-potato moment in an article from Eurekalert.

Here are fifteen words to digest while digesting the last thing you consumed, such as Deep-fried Oreos® breaded with finely crushed chips (the crisp variety).

I know from studied experience that animal-based product may result in hedonic hyperphagia. You might not wish to know that the consumption of humus, not to be confused with hummus, is termed “geophagia.” I once (circa 1970) read an article in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers that earth-eating is associated with a low mineral diet. I also recall that Frank Zappa once warned about eating yellow snow.

Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.

Heather Morgan

As a former loyal-to-a-fault meat and hide consumer I know that items containing meat and meat by-products are based on animalian cells. These cells are comprised of molecules that have a psychoactive effect on an homo sapiens’ brain, “hedonic hyperphagia.”  Detox from such a diet is enervating to the extreme, both painful and discouraging. I had previously gone cold Tofurky® from tobacco and alcohol consumption before abstaining from animal-fare. I admit to the character flaw that accompanies total abstention however. Ambrose Bierce tosses well deserved water on my countenance. It’s called “total abstention.”  🙂



Vegans stand as infuriating reminders that they serve sentient beings to man. Damon Knight wrote the definitive “To Serve Man,” most familiarly associated with its adaptation into a Twilight Zone episode. I wish Rod Serling had kicked smoking. You too?

That introductory pith drawn from the work of Heather Morgan inspires me to join Morgan by paraphrasing her:

Every time you eat or drink the lifeblood of another, you are either feeding nihilism or fighting it.”  — Bill Ziegler

I leave tales of nihilism for a future post.



Here is another envisaged scenario: what would occur were I to show up at a pro-life rally with an enlarged photograph of an aborted calf fetus? It’s surely happened at some rally somewhere. Would one or more protesters counter that there’s a deity-informed difference between the immortal soul of a God-created icon found in a book called Genesis? Who made homo sapiens the boss of other sentient beings? May I beg to differ?

Thanks for reading.






Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

6 thoughts on “Hedonic Hyperphagia”

  1. Happy birthday Bill. It’s also the birth day of my grandfather, so you and your mom must be pretty awesome.

    I love your style and wit, Bill! Aren’t we all predisposed to hyperphagia? To not be would be going against instinct (eat it all now = might not be another chance for a while). I like to think of vegans as going against instincts, evolving. This is a very different time than that is our forebears generations ago.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you most thoroughly, Shannon. I am a fan of the curious coincidence, surprising synchronicity, and alliterative alliteration 🙂 Birthday greets to your grandfather, it’s always great to greet a fellow Virgon. Actually my mother and I shared similar personalities. As soon as I came across the sounds of ‘hedonic hyperphagia’ I knew it had to become the title for this post. Also, when growing up in the 1950’s food portions were very small and were purchased locally.
    Your compliments on my writing style and wit are hugely and humbly (couldn’t resist the alliteration 🙂 )received.


  3. Ah, missed it by a day, but belated best wishes, dear Bill. I’m currently hyperphagic (hedonistically) for 85% cocoa chocolate consumed (sucked, in point of fact — the resistance to biting being a pleasurable tease, so far as restraint in anything goes) with lemon and ginger tea. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the belated greetes, my friend. My brother informed me (in Latin) that I am now one year closer to death 🙂 He is 4 years my junior — *5* years younger until this coming Thursday, when *his* birthday arrives. Now I search for a rejoinder: perhaps a meaningful musing on a theme of the grim-reaper in The Meaning of Life (1983).
      Lemony gingery tea and a robust 85% cocoa is indeed the essence of orality, both hedonically and hyperphagically 😉
      “Epicurus Meets Epictetus” — now coming at theaters everywhere 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Sparkling thanks, Esme. Grand to share a birth-month with you, my friend. So here are a couple word-search letters capitalized for ESMEal Recognition: ESteeMEd and SEptEMber 🙂 Happy Birthmonth!


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