Veganarchism and Crows Head Soup



Peter Schreiner leads Crows Head Soup, a vegan touchstone. Peter brings strong vegan stew to the table  —  you’ll find poetry that skewers the skewering, photographs of hanging carcasses, the blood slurried into storage tanks for unspecified ends. Here is the post that inspired me to write this post: Lamentations of a Veganarchist.

That’s not very nice, Bill. Where are your manners? We don’t talk about hanging cows in polite company.

Sorry. I’ll get my mind right now.

Take the scenic route on your family vacation and remark on those grass-munching cows. Talk about the time a cow escaped from a truck and ended up on the highway. Remind all that it was adopted by a nice local family. Did you know that two turkeys are presidentially pardoned every year — that it adds up to a whole lot of birds over the years. Stop at a Dairy Queen to nod approvingly on its storied history.

Thank you for opting a little common decency, Bill.

Think death camps the size of Mordor behind the hills of rural America.



Each In-N-Out Burger consumed (or tossed) triggers a supply-chain decision. Breed another cow. How now.


inventory = inventory minus one. When inventory reaches a certain level a replenishment order is issued.

Folly, arrogance and confusion gone long wrong.

Mr. Bill, do you have any idea how many blessed jobs depend on all those animal molecules you talk so long about? So long.

Do you know how many jobs are lost through extermination events of the planetary kind?


Family tours are never offered at “meat=processing facilities” but jobs are offered to the über marginalized in this economy.

The machinery grinds “resources” into hoppers for added value down the line. Marketplaces require workers’ willingness to press each shoulder to each wheel. From hopper to shopper — a lifestyle that assigns each party a horror, the insatiable appetite for more “resources”, more uses for each mighty molecule. 

What is the nature of evolution? Species developed over several billion years result in predators and prey surviving in a delicate balance, absent the actions of a single specie hellbent on tipping the scale. If you are not a human, or not a specie domesticated by humans, you thrive and perish at the razor edge. 

Direct Subsidies for Animal Products and Feed

Enter the indifferent world of commerce — the scale-tippers. Tippers so cunningly successful that their own numbers increase by the billion and wild species are driven to extinction. Domesticated species are bred for extermination camps — the demands of the most insatiable homo sapiens require that the slaughter houses produce enough turnover in daily carcass units to make them economically viable processing centers in a modern society.

Thanks for reading.


Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

5 thoughts on “Veganarchism and Crows Head Soup”

  1. Thanks for the recognition, Bill. And might I commend your articulate express here for the forces of good. Yes, I might.

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    1. I often encounter potential vegans who realize that truth, beauty and the forces of good stand on the vegan side. I was cheesy at one point — until recognizing that those dairy molecules are as animalian as veal when they course through the bag of chemicals that we carry around all day.
      Considering that vegans don’t have über megabucks available to counter The Big Lie, we certainly nettle the thin skin of the carnivorous 97%.
      Thanks for your persistence and endurance 🙂

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  2. Knowing that veal is really the flesh child of the dairy industry and the cows ultimately become flesh as well), why don’t they lump beef, veal, and dairy in the same bubble? 30 billion in subsidies is pretty astounding and certainly explains the corn and soy subsidies required to grow this kind of ‘food.’

    To think of the human — and environmental — health we could result with a simple switch in paradigm. ‘Vegan’ is not just a start, it’s the answer. Thanks for your post, Bill.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I am most grateful for the well stated understanding of the “flesh child” and all the violence that words cover up like so many fig leaves. These highly developed fellow sentient beings deserve the rights to identity, respect and equal protection under the law — a concept that must never be expressed, or even thought when making purchasing decisions in the marketplace. Gazing into their eyes and realizing that we share complex optic abilities developed during the same Cambrian Explosion 540 million years ago is all I need to know about our common natures.
      And, by the way, DirtNKids is a wonderful blog. Just saying 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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