Stanley Cohen in Canaan

The first part of a new series in the annals of Prison America. Where many of you did not live through the year 2015, Stanley Cohen did. At great cost but with an unbroken spirit, Stanley remained caged but undaunted. I am reminded of Gandalf the Grey and his extended time battling a balrog. The stuff of optimism for us in these not so innocent times.

The natural response of Lady Justice contemplating our "criminal" justice system. Sociopaths and psychopaths might respond differently.
The natural response of Lady Justice contemplating our “criminal” justice system. A sociopath or a psychopath might respond differently.

What you may read if you click that link below may disquiet your serenity. This is no fictional account with an actor playing a convincing role in a docudrama. Welcome to complicity.

Source: It Ain’t the Promised Land

Author: Bill Ziegler

Master of Arts Degree: Germanic Languages and Literatures. Master of Arts Degree: Geography. Certified Teacher of German Language. Functional specification writer for databases Logistics Chain for Automotive Concern: Technical Specification for a Filtering System: Translated a German patent for a steel-drum facility Translated terms and conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen) Taught German language and culture kindergarten to advanced. Designed curricula Cincinnati Waldorf School Created programs using PL/SQL, Oracle, Unix, Visual Basic, Cleaned data for the P&G Commercial Products Group. Developed program to establish optimal vendor routes Designed IVR call-in for field agents to detect scheduling problems and determine their location. Designed programs to maintain a vendor database in an SAP application for product supply from a single pilot plant with 1,300 records to 40 plant locations with 45,000 records. Developed programs to identify specifically critical data errors and potentially duplicated records.

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