The Carnivore in the Room

Veganism is a way of being that threatens the biosphere the least while threatening the destroyers of the biosphere the most.

The largest contributors to climate collapse are fossil-fuels, the consumption of sentient-animal body parts, consumption of sentient-animal byproducts, and their related purchases in the marketplace — including the fuel exhausted to get you there or the fuel exhausted to bring those purchases to you.

My suggestion to replace the familiar cacophony of beeps at the checkout lane with bleats, oinks, moos, clucks … no bites so far. Kroger headquarters are in a town just north of us, perhaps they could set up a trial to test my modest proposal.

Part of a serenity prayer : changing the things you can — do not consume the flesh, non-human breast milk, or the eggs of a sentient being and you cast one vote for preventing catastrophic climate change. It’s not just a concern expressed for creatures living near a coastline. See Humpty Dumpty for more on this principle.

I’ve been a climate watcher since the 1960s and have had the privilege of teaching climate vagaries back then. Nixon approved creating of the EPA in a political swap, he was never anything wiser than a consummate politician. Our current POTUS is a climate-change denier, doncha know.

When you encounter an article on climate change, search for the word “vegan.” It usually does not even get mentioned.

Thanks for Reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

13 thoughts on “The Carnivore in the Room”

  1. It’s a weird ol’ world, Bill, when people would rather do ANYTHING except not eat animals to save the planet. Getting rid of fossil fuels is a great goal to work towards, but right now the world’s economy wouldn’t survive without fossil fuels to support it. Battery power isn’t the answer just yet, because the size of battery required to drive a large land, sea, or air vehicle would have to almost be the size of the vehicle. The fastest and most effective thing we can all do right now to save our world is to transition to a plant-based diet. Oh, the horror!

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    1. Thanks for the worthy comments, Katrina.
      Climatic catastrophe went from “the serenity to accept the things I cannot change” to “the courage to change the things I can.”
      “The wisdom to know the difference” is known to vegans. Yay, Veganism!
      Is it not ironic that our fossil fuels derive from biomass of a previous extinction event.

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      1. Ironic, indeed. If our planet lasts long enough, I wonder if there will be another fossil fuel discovery one day in the future, from all the species going extinct now? Our folly now may well be the fuel of the future – although we humans may not be the ones who are around to exploit it.

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  2. A splendid idea you have for changing out the checkout line beeper. We’ve too many folks bee-bopping around with their reusable shopping bags full of bleats, oinks, moos, clucks, and a long exhaustive harp on climate change. Puts me to the mind of Jesus. What was it, he said? Something about straining the gnat and swallowing the elephant, was it?

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    1. Thanks for these great remarks, Peter. The same may be said of the banning of straws — fish would be far less threatened if humans did not eat them. Not eating fish results in replenishment orders not issued to the fisheries. Veganism strikes at this very root of the problem, the very definition of radical. Veganarchism even more so. 🙂
      I like that bit about the gnat swallowing the elephant, reminds me of that awful aphorism “how do you eat an elephant?” (spoiler alert: one bite at a time) — better not to eat elephants is what I aphorize.

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  3. Over the years, my dietary changes were forced upon me by my primary physicians along the way. First, they took away my favorite beef dishes. Second, came the chicken and the eggs. Recently, my doctor said, the cheese has to go, too, or it’s Lipitor for you. Continue eating fish, that’s good for you, she told me, at least twice weekly. So, my friend, I’m not yet a 100 percent vegetarian. But, I’m getting there.

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    1. Thanks for the firsthand accounts, Rosaliene, nothing speaks more clearly. My own experience includes time spent as a vegetarian. A physiologically driven crave for meat-derived products did not disappear forever until I weaned from all ingested meat-sourced stuff. In a recent physical: blood pressure and bad cholesterol consistently low — actually my entire blood panel was great (actually, greater than all get out). A few months ago I was prescribed doxycycline for a respiratory infection, that antibiotic kicked in a bout of Crohn’s that I’ve had since 1975 (long story). It took months to regain the beneficial bacteria wiped out by doxycycline.

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        1. My mother, who was on multiple meds before her death (basically from old age and accompanying health issues) said that once we start taking meds, we never go off them. She was referring to meds for chronic conditions, and I have never forgotten those words of hers. I thank all the powers that be that I found veganism when I did, which, although not a magic bullet, will certainly help me avoid the need for meds for longer. I don’t know any meat-and-dairy eaters within five years either side of my age who isn’t on meds of some sort. I suspect that not all Vegans in the same age group are med-free, but anecdotally there are definitely more of them of them who are.

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          1. Every cell in your body gets replaced by new cells over time, every organ for that matter. I take daily doses of blood thinners due to multiple blood clot issues — something that runs in my family, as does Crohn’s: my son and grandson, my brother and his son. Both of those health conditions have stabilized enormously since I became totally vegan.

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  4. A complex subject, certainly. I’m vegetarian from “way back” and I use that to annoy people when I state it has nothing to do with health but with the fact that I don’t want to eat the dead body parts of animals or fish. I probably never will be vegan because I know we can interact humanely with the animals who provide such foods. What I’d like to see is for decadent Westerners to get rid of pets. Now there’s a waste and so much violence done to animals strictly for pleasure and bragging. If people need company why can’t they find it in each other and in each others’ children?

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