Adopting a Vegan Diet

Rainforests are not merely the metaphorical lungs of the planet; they literally convert carbon emissions to oxygen. Burning the Amazon rainforest to scorched earth to provide feeding lots for cows can be compared to allowing a chain-smoker to direct nicotine into your lungs. Like burning live carrots on a bbq grate? No. It is not. … Continue reading “Adopting a Vegan Diet”

The Carnivore in the Room

Veganism is a way of being that threatens the biosphere the least while threatening the destroyers of the biosphere the most. The largest contributors to climate collapse are fossil-fuels, the consumption of sentient-animal body parts, consumption of sentient-animal byproducts, and their related purchases in the marketplace — including the fuel exhausted to get you there … Continue reading “The Carnivore in the Room”

Meat, Dairy, Ova and Addiction

Veganism is gentle joy. But it’s not very manly, Bill Public Service Announcement: Refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco or consuming Fentanyl® if you are, or think you may be, pregnant — chemicals found in these products may poison the womb and its contents. Meat, Dairy and Ova Do baby Homo sapiens already become addicted … Continue reading “Meat, Dairy, Ova and Addiction”

Surprised by a Vegan Diet

  This morning our friends at Google returned replies to my inquiry “What is a Vegan Diet?”: About 11,500,000 results (0.54 seconds). Return here after reading those there. What happens to your body at the molecular level as it recovers from animal fat? Eating animal byproducts such as cheese just keeps clogging up your entire … Continue reading “Surprised by a Vegan Diet”