Kalief Browder is Dead. Cause of Death: Rikers

Kalief Browder’s short life ended Saturday.

1993 to 2015
1993 – 2015

Jennifer Gonnerman’s first piece for The New Yorker, “Before the Law,” is about Kalief Browder, a 16-year-old who spent three years in jail without a trial. Published in 2014, she was a finalist for the 2015 Pulitzer Award for feature writing. Here is a link:

New Yorker Article

Jennifer also published video of a beating incident captured on Rikers” own security cameras:

Camera in Rikers

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

2 thoughts on “Kalief Browder is Dead. Cause of Death: Rikers”

  1. The New Yorker article is valuable, glad you included it. What we do to people like — in prisons and elsewhere –is horrible, and yet mostly we seem just to go along like nothing’s happening. Perhaps we’re all overwhelmed by the evil we are doing and cannot face up to..

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    1. Thanks Martha. Privatization of the prison-industrial system and hopelessness in the face of its banality seem numbing. I think it accurate, as many now do, to name it the new Jim Crow.


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