Cancel Culture

Our national political lack of civil conversation leads to echo chambers where invective gets thrown in at the left from the right, right from the left. The US is a nation severely polarized. The bunker mentality in this place has occupied such distant political poles as this moment. So here is a peek at rhetorical grenades I’ve heard hurled. It will quickly become apparent that I am not opining from a neutral perspective, so these barbs are only sharp on one side. As always, opposing views are welcomed but not expected.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that his country’s attack on Ukraine is going according to plan and that the West is trying to “cancel Russia.”

The right seeks to castigate those they identify as cliquishly left, a call to communion, presumably to imbue conversations where you make nice with each other. You instruct if you are of a conservative persuasion, you obey if you harbor any shade of socialism. It is a nonstarter from the outset. A crowd of social democrats is not simply miffed at the smell of literal fascism in the air, they are appalled at the ugly sentiment that issues from white-supremacist apologists who view BLM and antifa (those who are ANTI-FASCIST). Even less of a nonstarter, this implies that a profa (PRO-FASCIST) stance is healthy political posturing. The word arrives directly from the alt right crowd, it gets painted on those who find Fascism an act of patriotism. A punch in the face of a Fascist becomes a call to direct an assault at the BLM and ANTIFA enemy.

BLM protesters are not seeking violence. Punching a Fascist in the nose is reason-based, a minor misdemeanor perhaps

These are not compatible, you do not pour nitric acid into a container of nitroglycerin, shake admixtures together and expect a more perfect union.I listen to rightwing Catholic media, the only kind you can find on the media. They join in communion with the Party of Trump. Their commentators do not seek commonweal, they wish a One Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church where critical thought gets replaced with submission. They have trouble stomaching their current Pope and prefer to identify with the sanctimonious intentions of Donald Trump. They wish to join Fox News as Christian soldiers who want to move onward. Eight years of Barack Obama, daily named as the worst POTUS in the history of POTUSES, left them with a broken bit champed to pieces. The most vetted election in the history of the USA has convinced them that the individual presently directing the Oval Office is an agent of Satan, a suggestion that they would not find unpalatable. They see Joe Biden taking communion and they fly into a conniption. Then as likely praise the piety of Putin with their next breath.

Comparable to the Colossus of Rhodes over Africa

Whites do not admit that they stand on the shoulders of slaves and profit from the genocide of millions of indigenous people. It was a means to bring the ambition of manifest destiny to fruition, to develop into an industrial economy on a fast track. Free land and free labor makes entry to that club much easier. The Monroe Doctrine gradually morphed into a doctrine that proclaims a certain exceptional character that allows them to install puppet governments, rob countries of their wealth and resources, and to do so with impunity. If a country has a rare resource, that resource becomes available at any price to the controlled nation.

Capitalism becomes the only economic system available, and it is interpreted to mean the purest form of exploitation available. A system where the exploited are taxed to the max and the ultra wealthy are taxed nothing. This was not the practice before all manner of social progress was attacked at the root, a radical move. We are presently living in an economy controlled by billionaires, the difference between a million dollars and a billion is the difference between 3

Not just three more zeroes

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

3 thoughts on “Cancel Culture”

  1. “Whites do not admit that they stand on the shoulders of slaves and profit from the genocide of millions of indigenous people. It was a means to bring the ambition of manifest destiny to fruition,”

    And they are still doing it. Look what’s happening with rents skyrocketing adding millions more Black people to the statistics of homeless people in AmeriKlan. Because what happens when people have no stable roof over their head, they become ill and die. It is the continued genocide of us, along with gentrification. The reason why credit scores and background checks were initiated was another way to make sure that Black people remained in a permanent underclass, not even able to be housed because there’s a problem with our credit and we’ve sure been dragged to jail for something, even if it was jaywalking or the kkkops planted evidence to be used against us. We are the last hired and the first fired. And then, whites want to pretend that they don’t know why our credit would be impacted by racist policies aimed at us???!!! Seriously???!!! This whole entire system is still being propped up by Black people because whites make sure that we don’t even live long enough to collect Social Security. But we sure as hell pay into the system so that they can collect. My sister died at age 48. She put into the system but received no benefit from it, likewise, my father, who died at age 62. Never received one penny of Social Security, but worked almost up until the day he died and also served in the military and what did his wife get upon his death, a monthly military pension of $52.00 and a flag to place over his coffin. “Yeah! Here’s our thanks for your service!”

    Bill, thanks for posting this!

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    1. Thank you for the incisive comment, Shelby. I acknowledge complicity by merely stating that the opportunities available at every turn derive from dirty deeds performed in my name. Putin is now declaring that the West (the white West, of course) is guilty of committing cancel culture on Russia. The people who have been viciously exploited by the white powers that always be never use that fawning expression, nor do they claim that conservatives are being politically correct. Ever.
      Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden massively increased the extent of the prison-industrial complex as necessary to make super predators criminals (blacks) heel to the “Justice” System. In fact, Biden continues to use that very expression to denigrate blacks. Judges get elected by proclaiming that they are “tough on crime” as code words for blacks only. Joe has not kept campaign promises because he knows that they just might hold whites responsible for any criminal activity. How many billionaires are on death row?
      You also know personally of the math behind cruel-to-black demographics. Would these occur to the nice white people who find themselves with the short end of the stick. Obviously not. And you know that all blacks who buoyed the system by paying heavy contributions from their wages do not even come close to enjoying the fruits of their labor. It is all completely consistent with the tradition of slavery for 403 years and counting.
      I also need to write about Critical Race Theory, three words that suggest that systemic racism is in the marrow of the body politic. Whereas, it is actually all about examining the history of this place critically.
      Clearly, the contribution made to the wealth of this nation exceeds a trillion dollars by at least a trillion dollars.
      The comparison:
      “Seventeen years is about 540 million seconds; $200 billion divided by this is … wow, $370 per second. $1,340,000 per hour. Yet even at this colossal rate, acquiring $1 trillion takes 85 years.”


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      1. Hello again, Shelby. I left out half of my argument regarding the trillions and trillions of dollars of value added to the US economy in the last 403 years and counting. Whites refuse to admit, they are good at not giving credit where it is due. Reparations are payments to the very people who made a an advanced wealthy economy possible, whites continue to take credit for everything but their greed, ad nauseam.

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