Sleeping In The Stars

Sleeping In The Stars

A Birthday Greet from Gretel

Being an extraordinary depiction of Lisa’s avatar Gretel gifted to Bill’s avatar Mumbletunes on the occassion of the 74th orbit of this present planet around a star, hence, Sleeping In The Stars.

As you see, this is a piece of art that qualifies as piéce de resistance in quality and in significance de resistance.

Thanks for reading and viewing.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping In The Stars”

  1. Thanks for the kind comment, Katrina. Our avatars are creations I sketched on the ubiquitous whiteboards found in every hospital room over here, a way to escape from rigid reality and to imagine a possible wonderland where
    silly characters could rescue us with simple respite. We still have a goodly number of sketches that have survived the intervening years. More to follow.

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