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I piddle around (some would suggest I piddle on) several languages. These languages differ considerably from one another, they go about the business of Clarifying their thoughts and intentions. They use widely different ways to explain the very object ot their communication.

English went through a massive shift to make the spoken word more clearly resemble the written word, curiously this took place at precisely the time that Gutenberg’s invention was increasing the volume of texts available to the readers of the day. The change to written vs. spoken English is something called the great vowel shift. You may have seen a T-shirt that proclaimed the event:

I survived the great vowel shift!

Arranging the letters on a printing press set contemporary spelling into concrete. The timing of this event could not have been more ill timed. The printed word had to be taught using a misfitting reckoning system. Of course, English went on to become the international language despite all this. Although it did receive some help from the absence of accurate weather forecasts, that event led to the sinking of nearly every ship on its way to defeating the British Empire. The geopolitical significance was enormous.

The great digital information shift occurred during my lifetime, around the 1960s. Learning my second language of German relied on intense time spent in a language-instruction classroom, and reinforced in a language lab — all based on an instructor-led distribution of sounds saved on magnetic tape. Vocabulary building required using an English-German dictionary unti nearly all the leaves fell out. Now I have free access to the findings of Google and can access new languages at a significantly more comfortable state. The change is unfathomable to generations that grew up with these tools widely available and frequently updated.

I also survived the shift from slide rule to pocket calculator

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Russian: what gives?

In 1975, when foreign language lessons appeared in textbooks and on vinyl, I decided to learn Russian as a complement to the German that I had just learned with some fluency. The Cyrillic alphabet provided interesting and confusing sets of letters — enough to keep a learner engaged in sounds and texts that looked familiar to the under-aided eye. It appeared to resemble Gellarese in many ways, cobbled together in a manner that seemed intuitive to the 1970s Cold War setting, an interesting series of words that deliberately resembled a code and a language history that included the drama of Tolstoy and a presence that made it seem like background music in a Soviet department store.

Intrigue comes across between German and Russian as it is cast against a background that the geography of post-war Europe provided. However, German and Slavic speakers would not yield to translation with any degree of ease. Russian uses neither the definite nor the indefinite article, whereas German conveys the meaning and usage of every noun and pronoun. The German language spoken by a five-year-old in Berlin provide all the parts of speech, every inflection, and every nuance of meaning. Stack Russian next to German and you arrive at that enigma wrapped within a mystery that Russia represented to Churchill. The Slavic and German ways seem to play out like a spy thriller, where the similarities may lie somewhere between the butler and the wrestler. God help the translator maintain any measure of surety and sanity in such a world.

A Passionate Love Story

My German and Russian proceeded along these avenues of restriction. Of course, the tools available on the internet were yet decades away. It is difficult to imagine how any new language can be approached without Google and YouTube: an assuring set of mouse clicks away. Hence the heightened curiosity that is aroused upon employing YouTube and Google to assist the learner who arrives to answer the question posed for this post — what gives?

Somehow, languages once learned to any extent seem to stick onto various brain cells and cortexes. I still remember much of the Russian that I heard on those 1975 records, language segments that blended together like a fermenting beverage. Somewhere between beer and vodka, I believe.

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Freedom and Liberty

For me, but not for ye.

Jim Jordan Trips Over His Own Asshole Trying to Debate Anthony Fauci

Yesterday, Representative Jim Jordan and progressive epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci met to meet on the absence of civics in the marketplace. Jordan represented the wealthy sectors who depend upon the Republican Party to keep the markets pumping gilded wealth to the capitalists who count on cheap labor and fossil fuels to remind their purchased politicians in D.C. that the chains must continue to keep the marginalized on the margins and to keep libertine liberty to pass the laws that keep the 99% to the whims of the marketplace. Jordan called on Fauci to give a date for opening the economy to full-throttle openness. Unlock the American economy that he had unfairly held hostage for so long. Just give us a date Dr. Fauci, just name the date. That was all he required of a country that had simply had too many chains imposed upon economic miracles, in the view of Mr. Jordan. Need I mention that Jim Jordan was standing for his Ohio constituents, that among those participants were those who called on the execution of Anthony at the earliest possible moment.

Dr. Fauci, don’t tread on me!

Freedom and Liberty, as understood by the comfortably wealthy beneficiaries of unfettered capitalism, keep cash flowing from the most productive participants of our economy to the least productive members of that economy. Jim Jordan wants to know when the most decimated groups would be permitted to simply return to the mills, when the most protected can see the invisible finger pry the economy fully open. These are the billionaires who multiplied their gains the most at the expense of individual working for a minimum wage that has not increased since the 1970s.

There appears to be no shame at wearing the tiniest fig leaves — call it a fig-leaved futures market. Freedom and Liberty are always fobbed off in this way. The Evangelical Right feel themselves the victims of a new brand of persecution. Churches seem the last bastion in their mode of thought, the progressive elements of our society are battering at the door. Mind you, it is a metaphoric door, not the kind of door bludgeoned open at the Capitol Building on January 6th. The legions who followed every word of their Emperor God flew in on private jets, in muscled pick up trucks with all the flags of MAGA “free” to flap in the breeze, to fuel their need to vandalize and to plunder. The leader was on his way up Pennsylvania Avenue, wasn’t he. No, he was bunkering in a room reserved for friends and family, the kind of nice people you could find on the town square, the kind who were debating the form of execution. A predilection for the mighty noose, a more “scary” beheading of a guillotine. Any form of execution that would provide the most theatrical moment, guillotines and noosing devices started to appear. The would be a reign of terror not seen on any scene, but long longed for. A gentle return to the lynchings that so very well conveyed the spirit of law and order that called for the bloodiest of theatrics, a return to the perfectly proper white-supremacist call to revenge by the most highly armed. Strange fruit would once again be found dangling from the branches of trees to affirm a new spirit of magical madness that would mean a return to the great white way by those who had been denied the true meaning of the Second Amendment and who wanted the removal of the Fourteenth.

A massive mob to redress the wrongs inflicted by the Marxists upon the spirit of American manliness, a return to family values, an America First point of view solidly anchored to the Holy Bible of the founding fathers and based on freedom and liberty.

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Why I Prefer the Culture of Death

I listen to rightwing evangelical programs in order to keep myself informed on their orthodox views and to check the bases of my own touchstones. There are no leftwing equivalent broadcasting giants, if you don’t like the smell of brimstone then I will suggest lend it an ear and see how well your own beliefs stack up to their public voices and challenges. EWTN is the old nun on the block, if you have fond memories of sisters twisting minds in their school systems expect a warm welcoming hearth fueled by sulphur in your radio. If you have purchased an automobile already equipped with SiriusXm radio, you can find the softest softballs in the evangelical white world on The Catholic Channel (129). The segments are organized by the patriarchs of church organization. As a result, women do not fare well on The Catholic Channel. Turnover is rapid and generally unannounced. Another reason I give for choosing the Culture of Death!

Barbara McGuigan: ProLife Warrior. She takes no prisoners

Mother Angelica, formerly of Canton OH, brought patriarchy-friendly broadcasters to a hundreds of airwave owners. The “good fight” to make abortion impossible is the single issue that each program feverishly shares, a litmus test that is as reliable as a home-pregnancy kit. Another thing that each broadcaster brings to his (the default personal pronoun) audience is a perpetual drone on the only issue that counts for their audience, the only issue that will forever count it seems: Roe v. Wade. They fail to mention that 5% of American women will seek an abortion at some point (or multiple points) in their fertile years. That number does not change. Another number that never changes is assigning responsibility to the women listening to their drum beat, though men can impregnate fertile women by the hundreds or thousands during their fertile years. A woman can only become pregnant around one year.

Speaking of statistics, racism is rampant and full-throated in the world of Catholic broadcasting. Blacks make up only a few percent of membership in Catholic parishes. Blacks have simply come to know that the welcome mat is flipped to the Jim Crow side when a black person darkens the church door. The events occurring at this very moment in Minneapolis make institutional racism as clear as white. Gun culture is active among their congregants, many of them like the smell of gunpowder in the morning.

The failed Capitol coup of 6 January 2021 brought the racist card to ever more games. Trump is a friend, a hero, a stalwart white force for a systemic white supremacism that many congregants share. Those who do not are accused of joining with the “Cancel Culture.” At any given point I demonstrate my membership in that cultural crime. During and after the 2020 election cycle, a vote for Trump meant a vote for religious freedom and religious liberty. Freedom and Liberty are watchwords that reveal the racist cards for each deck cut. BLM means Blue Lives Matter to the comfortably wealth-managed congregants who showed up to follow Trump on 6 January, not noticing that the racist they followed did not follow them to the Capitol grounds. No, he went to a personal family and freaks rally in the White House Bunker to celebrate carnage and opportunism for present and future political ambition. The faces in that bunker room crowd look eerily akin to the faces of crowds celebrating the carnage and opportunism at a traditional family-friendly town square lynching.

Sequanda Haugabook, left, and Rodney Miller put up paper saying “take it down now” onto the mural painted by artist Dave Powers in Elgin May 19, 2016. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

In a country where black property rights are marginalized by any means possible, where gentrification is the theft of value by means of gentrification, blacks lose entire neighborhoods to bidding wars that sell homes owned by families for generations. Property is purchased at a bargain-basement price and then sold to whites who accomplish something called “wealth management.” Another way to play the game: sew discord in potentially valuable neighborhoods and blame the marginalized for damage to property jobbed out to arsonists and similar “growth industries” in a modern economy.

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Jesus: Demigod?

Yesterday, I researched the word etymology of the word “Demigod” in the light of a monotheistic religion that offers explanations eternal. The European belief in their Western Civilization, a product of solidly imperial traditions, casts all other faiths in terms of a Western White Supremacy that infuses explication in terms that treat European imperial histories as special institutions constructed by a disciplined God that acts in very mysterious ways. Missionaries who bring their propaganda to “lesser developed” cultures do not require any additional explication. They already retain an eternal truth bestowed by an eternal God. Eclectic Orthodoxy.

Demigods are described by those Western institutions as driven by a higher level of beings who are capable of explaining miracles and completely inexplicable to a system of beliefs that must be explained as totally explicable. The Easter season seeks to explain the death of a God that was predicted by a Judeo-Christian testament that began with Genesis, a break of testaments within a coherent system commanded by a trinity of three Gods that already existed since that Genesis in their flawless Bible. That system does not include any room for alternative beliefs. The monotheistic faith relies upon the reality of a single exalted being that simultaneously act(s) as distinct entities of a miracle accepted by faith alone. Any belief system that does not accept the monotheist terms exacted by the “wiser” Western Civilization is a pagan threat to a God’s intent.

The concept of a couple demigods acting on a triune stage is made conceivable by dint of revelation, a revelation that may only be ascribed to a Bible that is accepted without qualification and without question. Their God works in mysterious ways, whereas the idea of a couple demigods to explain the impossible is unforgivable heresy.

The Judeo-Christian concept is commanded by a jealous deity that does not suffer the idea of a separate reality — actually a deity that is explained in terms of something else that it does not suffer: heresy. Heresy is understood in terms that draw distinct lines to separate the pagan heretics from the enlightened West.

This Easter Season tells an annual tale that distinguishes the Judeo-Christian understanding of how things work from the perspective of European systems that maintain a church militant to bless the faithful with eternal life while consigning all other “false” faiths with a punishment that exists eternally, meted out with a fidelity that relies upon the enforcement of a faith that leaves no room for alternative explanations. There is no evidence that Apostle Peter ever came within a thousand miles of Rome, but the concept of “tradition” wipes all inexactitude to the side as utter heresy. Saint Paul was a product of the institution that developed out of the remnants of the Roman Empire. Any discovered throne could be declared the seat of Christ revealed by Peter, bones found among the millions of skeletons could be exalted as springing from the bones of the first apostle. Infrastructure left by the millennia of Roman rule makes the propagation of the “faith” speedy at each corner of the former middle-of-the-Earth: the Mediterranean, Middle Earth if you will.

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Great to find the morphing of the Crow into a Raven in a favorite stew. Looking very much forward to ravenously enjoying the stew from a raven’s point of view!

Raven's Head Stew

As the christening poem to Raven’s Head Stew, I offer a revised version of an old favorite. More fitting each day than when I first penned it. I called it, Narrative.

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Polite Police Protect Systemic Racists At Every Opportunity

Derek Chauvin vs. George Floyd now takes the stage, and with it the same familiar team of white-supremacists standing at the fore. The actions are well-woven into the fabric of racism in the US, this time including a nine-year-old and a seventeen-year-old in a process that will deny their witness. These young and principled participants are already suffering the ravages of PTSD, they will have to live with these events for the rest of their lives.

The accused are always likely to become the exonerated as the judicial process discovers all the ways that a fabric of systemic racism allows in a white-supremacist system. Fiction morphs into undeniable fact when the hallowed myths arise to defend the indefensible, the blue lives that matter will win again against the black lives that must be yoked eternally under a systemic interpretation of exclusion and domination under the weight of darkly unprincipled law.

Derek Chaupin

This time the tale is told by the witnesses first hand, the drama merges the facts found on the ground. The facts report that George Floyd’s neck was pinned between the knee of Derek Chauvin and the asphalt below, all told in less than eight minutes of recorded history. This to serve the system and to protect the criminal police in an injustice system that always spins the wheel to favor law and order. We are asked to forgive the perpetrators and to judge the victimized at every encounter with brute force. Chauvin benefits from the procedures written in the statutes that keep policemen free of any accounting, to find the means to view the socially marginalized as worthless thugs who willfully choose to defy the law — a simple-minded view of law that persuades judges to side with the perpetrator and to toss the full extent of law at the innocent. The system has always been gamed in this way, it is how criminals get to walk from the crime scene and to receive admiration from those citizens who voted for “tough on crime” judges.

The right of the privileged to benefit from spoils is never permitted to change, tradition and heritage insist that the spoils be shared with the very people who game the system. Although the evidence has already been sequestered from questioning eyes, the American interpretation of justice demands that damning evidence never be exposed to the light of day. DNA evidence may determine that the falsely imprisoned must remain behind bars despite irrefutable evidence that they are totally innocent. Please know that whites who are falsely imprisoned are released to rejoin their families when such evidence appears. Damn near no blacks are ever released to return to their families, evidence be damned .

The laws that protect the guilty are the only laws consulted in the statutes that line the walls of the prosecutor’s office. This is not evidence of fate and the blindness of judgement, it is a means to fully remove citizens from public life due to the exigencies of race, to condemn every member of that race as potentially criminal threats to polite society. Polite society to be understood as white society, by force of history.

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Civic’s Vandals

The Vandals did not need any civic values to sack Rome to the bone. They needed simply to occupy the seat of government held by a ruler who had moved into the emperor’s residence. Upon the god emperor’s orders the unruly lot stormed the legislature to seek objects worth looting. Democracy in Rome had long succumbed to decadence when the place lost its honor and meaning. As empty in value and substance as the stuff offered by the barkers who follow the pulse of a populace amused by bread, circuses and blood.

Riding the wave

On the 6th day of January: 2021 of the Common Era, a sorry crew of patriots (to use their own nomenclature) arrived — dressed as expected and looking for some heads of state to roll. Such was their role. A fragile vessel as compromised as the floundering cargo craft presently gripped in the geography of ancient Egypt, the present-day subjects casting about while followed by a plague that may as well be orchestrated by locusts. The command of the empire is as mired in the muck and as deeply imbedded as the Evergreen, a gigantic vessel presently clotting the flow of modern industry, clogged at its aorta.

Odd that the clot is located just south of the Mediterranean Sea, the central water loosely held by the hapless descendants of the Roman Empire that surrounded those waters two millennia ago. Rule of law succumbs to law and order in the instant that a heart loses its pulse. Hollow traditions are not the stuff of solid governance and discipline. They are the vacant stares of the disaffected and the politician’s crave for power and glory.

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Upon Noting the US Imperial War on Iraq

Today marks the 18th anniversary of the disastrous US imperial invasion of Iraq. Near universal condemnation did not stop the Organization for the Project for a New American Century from deliberately lying about the reasons for setting off the circus to bring in support from “patriots” who were fed misinformation that tied an imperial greed for oil to the spurious connection of their former puppet Sadaam Hussein with the Saudis who turned aircraft into guided missiles on 11 September 2001. The plan to seize Iraqi oil had already been written into stone long before the circus fireworks began. Watching bunker-busting bombs 24/7 kept patriots glued to TV screens.

Riding the waves of vandals

The house of cards constructed on the geography of what is termed the Middle East destroyed the fragile balance held by the various Arab states completely devastated in The Great War. The US Empire had already invaded Afghanistan a year earlier, but the actual aim was the establishment of imperial footprints in oil-rich states. The Guardian published an opinion piece by the Climate researcher Bill McKibben, he ties the greed for never-ending flow of oil to keep the military hegemony equipped with fuel. Ironically, fossil fuels were given a new lease on life that kept fossil fuels burning indefinitely. Climate catastrophe became nearly inevitable.

The first victim of war is truth, the true-believer soldiers who believed the lies are fated to suffer the PTSD that those bitter lies brings, the knowledge that your never-ending string of tours destroys your soul. Tortured truth occurs when your sacrifices get chained to the devastation that a pointless war brings in the guise of “necessary” torture via extraordinary rendition and the indefinite incarceration of persons who played no role. They were secreted into legal limbos such as Guantanamo. PTSD leads to never-ending suffering by those who were fed the lies and lose a functioning conscious as a result, including those who choose death at their own hand as the only exit from eternal torment.

Guantanamo is the quasi-legal internment camp built by scoundrels, truth becomes a clay formed to look real, a brittle clay that shatters into fragments. There is no integrity in a ludicrous military state that believes itself blessed by a deity that strikes the “enemy” to forge a geopolitical house of cards. The US Empire whitewashes an institution called “democracy,” but it is actually an imposition of advantage by thugs set loose by their criminal agencies.

Israel is a so-called democracy created by US interests in 1948 to establish a land-based aircraft carrier that would fill the vacuum created when the downfall of the Ottomans fell to Western forces. Israel is a heavily militarized agent that serves as laboratory for intelligence bureaus that keep the folly churning into the future. It did not even exist in 1947, but its ability to stay in the game keeps every visage of a worthy democracy at bay. Israel is an autocracy that plays its Zionist European settler-colonialism to do what European empires always do — take on the role of a people blessed by their creator to liberate the conquered and to establish a spurious democracy under a presumed and jealous natural law and order. A system created and maintained to serve white-supremacist principles, to rule under the presumption of a white European colonial spirit.

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Judeo-Christian Supremacy

Here I focus on the roots of the US Empire, the genocide of indigenous cultures, the settler-colonial imposition of White-Judeo-Christian beliefs on the conquered, and the white-supremacist presumptions that permit slavery and the brutal caste system that keeps the poor living in poverty as inevitable.

The reestablishment of the United Confederacy of America — The UCA

The US Empire began ethnic cleansing at the same time that it began populating the stolen lands of North America with European “immigrants seeking unlimited opportunity and liberty.” Again, I focus on the methods learned from the British Empire’s skill at subjugating people planetwide. The Mandate for Palestine was not relinquished until 1948, when the Zionist white supremacists of Europe brought that geography under its wings. At the present time, US Imperial power continues to provide military armaments and intelligence strength to keep them among the most wealthy and powerful world strengths. Mossad is one of the most intelligent agencies in the business, it has been funded by the US since 1948.

Islam is a world faith that traces its monotheistic religion to Abraham, however the white-supremacism that underlies the Judeo-Christian sides of the triad is a mortal foe of the third side. The rightwing hegemony of Judaism bound with Christianity makes it a powerful geopolitical juggernaut in North Africa and Asia. Recently, formal negotiations between Zionists and several Arab governments keep the Palestinians subjugates of Israel in every geopolitical question.

The white-supremacist groups who sought to bring the Capitol to a Trump regime that believes in conspiracy theories that insist that the presidency was stolen in 2020. They comprise a dangerous rightwing set of true believers that wish to keep Trump president indefinitely.

Any political forces that are even slightly left of center are mortal enemies of traditional America-First ideals. The recognized leader of these forces presently resides at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. An electoral system that has kept loyalist allies in their desire seeks to reconstitute the Confederate States of America. A Trump-approved dynasty intends to maintain and to redefine the electoral system to become subservient to the ruling dynasty. I am going to refer to them as the die-nasties, their victory over democratic principles is without compromise, the means they intend to attain their aims are irreconcilable.

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