Abraham’s Family Values

I am republishing this essay; it is always a timely a piece because I was born 8 months before NAKBA.
Please enjoy reading — though “enjoy” is hardly the appropriate verb.

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The three Abrahamic monotheistic faiths — the ones who celebrate the same deity — form something of an isosceles triangle. Two of them feel themselves fated to a certain god-directed purpose, what they share are tales that comprise an Old Testament to Christians and a Torah to the Judaic adherents. The Christians and Judaic adherents are called “People of the Book” by Muslims.


Islam is typically viewed with much disdain by the other two groups. Islam places faith derived from an angel jealously guarded by the Christians: Gabriel. He visited a short while with Mary and was patient enough to give Islam their entire Qur’an, a text that has more shared virtues than differences, but that gets lost when marketing faith to new adherents. Marketers play a large role in selling one faith over others. Commonality doesn’t lead to sales pitch success. A good salesperson emphasizes…

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Sunbeam Power

An insightful and poignant post from one of my followers. Perfect fare for a delightfully chilly Friday afternoon upon a point where Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana conjoin
Namaste, Terry!
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“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”

St. Francis of Assisi

I am alone in the room. I smile. A large window opens a view of my neighborhood on a 50-degree January day. Choosepeace, I tell myself while the news repeats horrors in a universally expected monotone.

A sunbeam appears. Winter-bare trees stretch rich, dark branches against stark cobalt blue. The light reaches into our ordinary living space. The sun’s intensity splashes inside.

Breathe me in, sunbeam seems to say. I won’t stay long. The briefness of my appearance does not negate my presence. Even as the darkness appears, remember my brilliance lives within you, too.

illustration made from public domain drawing

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Captain Kirk wants us to NOT go beyond the Final Frontier

From Wibble

Captain Kirk wants us to NOT go beyond the Final Frontier

Thanks for considering the advice of a fellow author on the importance of taking immediate action on addressing the impending climate catastrophe, one that is preventable. But only by bringing the criminals who continue to profit every nanosecond of every day to The Hague

Please contact local, provincial, national, and international NCO’s and governmental authorities to take action tomorrow. I also have a personal stake in this because I plant to be around in 2047.

Grateful Thanks,


Local, provincial, national, and international NCO’s and governmental authorities to take action tomorrow

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