Nittha Siam Kitchen in Highland Heights

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Lisa and I spent several hours at the eye doctor yesterday to discover the origin of an eye ailment brought on by concussion. You may find yourself reading about this concussion while blog-surfing here. But we’re talking about how several hours at an eye doctor’s office before breakfast can bring on hunger pangs best addressed with Thai food.

Those readers familiar with the Fort Thomas Highland Heights metropolitan area may remember a rather nondescript Chinese restaurant near Lowes that would open, close, and open: the likely fortune of newly opening restaurants is failure in the first year. Readers, we need to act within the next nine months. Read on.

Nittha Siam Kitchen Interior

The Nittha Siam Kitchen has been open for a couple months now. The building evokes a decaying Chinese cookie-cutter restaurant. Please let me inform you. The NSK is a smartly decorated, clean, restful surprise. You’ll find a sushi bar, lovely native-Thai speakers who do not put on any phony yes-we-Asian schtick. They are friendly, genuine and warm fellow citizens of this particular planet. The unobtrusive TV features neither ESPN-NKU nor Fox BFF.

We talked to the owner-cook: a modest soft-spoken woman with the skills of a four-star chef. Delicate attention in the, let me repeat it, Nittha Siam Kitchen, is spent on subtle choices of herbs, sauces and spices that are never slammed at each other in world of warcraft skillets. A food-bot-generated price index would arrive at $$.

Lisa asked me to explain my fidgeting and my nervous appearance. I responded. “It’s 5:15, where are the diners? I’m going to lose it here. They’re going to lose it here.” Then the balloon floating above me started to fill with the words you have just read.

Please go there and report back.

2415 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, KY 41076



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