A Couple of Good Friends

One of several sketches created over the weekend. A missing nose on (not on) the character to the left. A big eye and heavenly ear ring for the one on the right. Talking about 2022?  We can’t be certain, perhaps a few words on where to find a good dentist.

Target of Minneapolis (or is it St. Paul?) might be interested in hiring them. I will let you know as soon as more events hit the news cycle.

Another sketch in process for tomorrow on a completely different topic.

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Lord, Make Me a Channel of Disturbance: The "Reverse St. Francis Prayer"

A prayer from an unknown author, to my mind it speaks for this present moment as well.

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The Adventures of Parson Carson

Lord, make me a channel of disturbance.
Where there is apathy, let me provoke;

Where there is compliance, let me bring questioning;

Where there is silence, may I be a voice.
Where there is too much comfort and too little action, grant disruption;
Where there are doors closed and hearts locked,
Grant the willingness to listen.
When laws dictate and pain is overlooked…
When tradition speaks louder than need…
Grant that I may seek rather to do justice than to talk about it;
Disturb us, O Lord.
To be with, as well as for, the alienated;
To love the unlovable as well as the lovely;
Lord, make me a channel of disturbance.
~ Author unknown
Chapel at the Jvaris Mlonastery near Tbilisi, Georgia by Caroline Carson, 2015

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Oncoming High-Beams

I am reblogging this important article as a civic duty. This is critically important information, a life and death matter.

The Professor's Convatorium

As many of you with at least high school diplomas, obtained by satisfactory-to-exceptional test scores and grades in biology class, and as those of you with under-grad degrees who perhaps had college-level biology, cytology, epidemiology, or virology as part of your coursework know… we are once again being forced urged by our health professionals—as a communal courtesy—to return to necessary public health & safety measures and mandates because of sharply rising new COVID-19 cases. Why?

The Great Seal of the United States

It’s quite simple. Four major reasons: 1) our public health systems are going through yet another mass surge in new COVID-19 cases with the Delta and now Omicron variants causing the spike because of 2) a dismal public percentage rate of fully vaccinated teenagers and adults across the nation, and this is caused by 3) a large percentage of defiant anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who do not know or…

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Critical Race Theory

A set of complimentary interlocking myths comprises the History of the United States, these are parroted through classrooms from one generation to the next. Everyone remembers the same glorious tales with the same soundbites and the same illustrations. A parent who is helping their child get ready for an upcoming test need only recall the same familiar soundbites, familiar pictures from classroom history books

Catchy mnemonics convey the same rhyme from Columbus onward. Queen Isabella needed some cash flow and the brave Christopher was ready to go and eager to serve. How many ships? Name them. What color was the ocean? Columbus Day comes and goes every year in October from century to century, but the ocean is still the same color blue. To question a sacred holiday is an act of tyranny committed by traitors. Name at traitor, it will be on the test. Hint: enedictBay arnoldHey.

George Washington Carver invented a peanut processing technology, thereby proving that blacks played a significant role in US History, single-handedly dispelling the myth of systemic racism and connecting his race to the first POTUS at the same time. American ingenuity makes a favorite white-bread peanut-based staple that children bring to school for lunch coast-to-coast. It will probably be on the test.

“Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.” This one probably appeared in a word-search handout passed out by a substitute teacher. Word search activities are no substitution for the teaching of actual history, nor do Friday movies on a completely ahistorical topic.

“Remember the Alamo”, but do not ask why so very many cities in the Southwest US have Spanish names. No worries, it will not be on the test. Why do so many towns in the US of A begin with the word “Fort”? The town I live in for one. The Indigenous Peoples did not have anything equivalent, so you may safely forget that little toss-away fact.

All these falsehoods have contributed to the need for Critical Race Theory. However, the opponents won’t even get past the title. Here is how those three words impact those who find that title offensive. Let’s say that CRT was disproven when GW Carver secured Patent No. 1,632,365. Conflate this achievement by implying that the invention proves that we have an equal playing field now. The letters CRT contain fighting words. The word


seems to question established American values, a way of life. The preferred word might be AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, something that had never existed before, something that gives us a reason to overthrow governments worldwide and to install a puppet authority figure who toes the line.


“Race” doesn’t exist, there is no such thing because the Declaration of Independence clearly states that all males … erm … men are created equal. This may also be on the test. What will? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you crack eggs of varying shell color into a frying pan, the yolk is yellow and the albumen is white for each egg — QED.


implies that it might be proven incorrect, such as the so-called Theory of Evolution — an impossible notion that would require a computer bigger than the known universe to solve. Computers have been known to make mistakes. Google “Steal the Vote” for irrefutable evidence on how many ballots were destroyed in 2020 to discover. Patriots we’re following the American Way when searching for Democrats to lynch. The traitor Mike Pence was one person that those tourists sought.

Mark Twain will probably be on the test. Remember the titles Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. If you are asked to name a black who does not have the name George Washington Carver, you can likely get credit for a character in one of those novels (hint: Huckleberry Finn) — Jim. You can also mention the language Twain uses (the N-word for one) as an example of how “political correctness” has destroyed free speech. This may be on the essay part of the test.

Just so that you do not waste your studying time on topics that will definitely *not* be on the test, you need not concern yourself with what Mark Twain knew about the 600 US kills of the Moros in the Philippine Islands

At the end of the nineteenth century, the United States moved to expand its formal empire, annexing lands in Hawaii, Guam, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Samoa, and the Philippines following the end of the Spanish-American War. But this expansionism produced political opposition at home. The anti-imperialist movement counted among its members leading writers and intellectuals, including the satirist Samuel Clemens, known by his pen name Mark Twain. Twain is remembered for his novels Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. Far less well known are his scathing writings against the expansion of the U.S. empire. Moved to public opposition against the bloody invasion and occupation of the Philippines in 1899—which President George W. Bush cited in 2003 as a “model” for the occupation of Iraq— Twain returned after ten years of living abroad to become the vice president of the recently formed Anti-Imperialist League in 1900. Upon his return, he declared “1 am an anti-imperialist. I am opposed to having the eagle put its talons on any other land.” Here is part of his bitter essay1 about a massacre of some six hundred Moros in the Philippines.

From Voices of A People’s History, edited by Zinn and Arnove

The lynching of blacks is as well documented as it is unknown among US history students. The massacre of blacks in Tulsa in 1921 is a topic I covered on this blog two years ago, it is another major event that does not exist in the collective memory of US history students, nor has it existed since Washington cut down that apocryphal cherry tree.

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The Hirkenberg Shopping Cart Return Service

Hirkenberg: a cutting-edge facility capable of processing as many as six shopping carts per hour. You may also purchase items online for free. We do ask that you do not use our shopping carts as a substitute for a missing barbeque grate.

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Creatures of a Greater God

A new topic for this blog takes shape, being a depiction of some beings that inhabit a realm of a curious sort that present themselves through an aspect of my imagination. So far, I have sketched a few new pieces to join the hundreds of creatures that find their way to blank paper via some Sharpie pens.

Now seems a good time to introduce them to a global audience by way of this blog. As they inform me of their existence, I plan to annotate each picture in an attempt to explain their days and ways to whoever finds the way to this blog. Looking forward to this new project and am hoping that you find it worth each while.

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Why I am proudly antifa

Very proudly


Anti-Fascism is something to be damned proud of. It was well understood during WWII, a conflict that many people in this country understood very well at the time. This is a population that is now mostly deceased. Succeeding citizens do not have a direct memory of the deadly threat to liberty and freedom posed by Fascism. The late, not-so-great President Trump is, quite simply, a friend of the Fascist. It should be unthinkable to hold any position that is pro-fascist, the current parlance might suggest that these are the anti-anti-fascist. Trump, his propagandists, and his true believers find no problem in flying a false flag that identifies anyone who is not with them as being someone who is against them. Have you ever heard one of these adherents try to explain what the hell is wrong with someone who is against Fascism. Yet the term “antifa” appears to be an unquestioned label for anyone who is to the left of a far-right (may I say Fascist) sensibility (or lack of sensibility, subtlety is not their strong suit).

Who to label as ANTIFA? You might want to start with the most-exploited caste in US society: the undocumented. These are the only people who fill the unwanted jobs in the crop-fields, in slaughterhouses, at other vile jobs. Yet, they are the most productive people in the country by far. How many of you can name a single person who works at such jobs? These people are widely suspected to be living it up at the expense of everyone else and simultaneously suspected of being criminals on the prowl. What time do they have to prowl around and commit dastardly deeds? They certainly will never receive social security benefits by using a phony SSN, yet their pay is made even less each week when thee funds are automatically deducted. These misunderstood people contribute inordinately to the GNP, they are not criminals, do not mix with the general population to spread Covid, something that requires mixing in with others. They cannot do this because it is too dangerous to go public. They do not have the leisure to complain about their plight. They are absolutely not more likely to be criminals in our midst.

Who would offer aid and comfort to such a population? Of course, the anti-fascists. Isn’t Fascism known for its tolerance and open mindedness? Let us take a look at this group identified as suspect to the core.

Many documented citizens who carry Social Security Cards feel themselves mistreated and marginalized by THE GODFORSAKEN ANTIFA. It would seem that freedoms and liberties are denied them by a police infected by antifa that seeks to force vaccination upon an uninformed public by any means possible, while simultaneously forcing non-antifa to wear a mask, as if they were one step away from being pilloried in a stock at the public square.

Who the hell wants to support fucking Fascists?

Antifahood runs in my family. My father was an antifa in North Africa during WWII. He could not have fathomed a creep like Trump to find a welcoming electorate.

Who are these dangerous individuals who believe in something called critical race theory, a set of studies that seeks to identify the nature of racism in American society. Why would they do that? They would do that simply because racism is a deep and enduring hate of black people. Reducing racism would seem to be a laudable goal. Prison inmates are predominantly black folk living in a land dominated by white supremacism, the real source of terrorism that had already begun with Columbus. Where do these antifa stand in regard to America’s war on Afghanistan? Twenty years of exploding munitions and reordering more munitions were started by a presumably anti-antifa President who officially announced the end of that 20-year fiasco. More Republican presidents have presided over that disaster than Democrats. The unending war threatened by an overly funded military was already carefully predicted by Eisenhower in January 1961. PTSD is the principal disorder directly caused by the fog of war, few are unaffected by it, poor and black enlistees suffer the most.

The 2020 election was not stolen, this was overwhelmingly proven by multiple ballot recounts. In fact, it was the most accurately conducted election in American history, despite the installation of vote-sensitive individuals installed throughout the government, such as the head of the Postal Service. All those ridiculous recounts were totally unnecessary. No vote was stolen. by George W. Bush was installed by the Supreme Court, but when the ballots were recounted it was determined that Gore had actually received a majority of the popular ballot and, consequently, of the electoral college. Gore had far more wisdom than the petulant Trump, he would have responded to our present climate emergency 20 years ago. Trump does not possess integrity in any form. How long does it take to realize that Trump was the worst President ever? At best, he is a buffoon, an opportunist, and a fraud. Every day and in every way.

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Sleeping In The Stars

Sleeping In The Stars

A Birthday Greet from Gretel

Being an extraordinary depiction of Lisa’s avatar Gretel gifted to Bill’s avatar Mumbletunes on the occassion of the 74th orbit of this present planet around a star, hence, Sleeping In The Stars.

As you see, this is a piece of art that qualifies as piéce de resistance in quality and in significance de resistance.

Thanks for reading and viewing.

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