Stanley Cohen: 2016 Person of the Year

Stanley Cohen was a bright silver lining in 2016 — and now in 2017. By simply being himself he bestows hope to the most fiendishly exploited  and he always buoys the spirits of his worldwide supporters. I flip the calendar back to 2015 and remember when Stanley spent 11/12ths of 2015 in the Canaan PA … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen: 2016 Person of the Year”

Chris Hedges Interviews Stanley Cohen

I now report back on my favorite human rights attorney (bar none), Stanley Cohen. I am here to put his name forward. A good place to start is his blog: Caged but Undaunted. Chris Hedges interviewed Stanley on RT last month and it’s posted at On Contact. So what’s new? Attica lives, written 4 days ago, is. Here … Continue reading “Chris Hedges Interviews Stanley Cohen”

Taking BDS Viral: Stanley Cohen OpEd

Just when will an article on Palestinian human rights ever go viral? My hope is NOW. It is not cheap to make all the news that’s fetid to print. You have to make it palatable while erroneous. American media giants are like Wonder Bread, not remotely wonderful but they knead a profit. What else matters? … Continue reading “Taking BDS Viral: Stanley Cohen OpEd”

Stanley Cohen in THE SHADOW

In America principles are goods placed on sale to the highest bidder. Career paths are paved with bricks forged by selling yourself out at every opportunity. Cash in your chips at the next square and move on to another chance for a sell-out. Guardians of integrity are rare beasts on our fruited plain. Experience has … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen in THE SHADOW”

Stanley Cohen Interview in The Villager: #UpTheRebels

Very good news for everyone who follows, does not follow or has never heard of Stanley Cohen: the unchained man is unchanged and is taking up where he left off. Somewhere on this small planet we all share. A recent interview by Sarah Ferguson in The Villager lends us an update on a life in progress: weeks before the … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen Interview in The Villager: #UpTheRebels”

Stanley Cohen in Canaan… Part Four

Linked below is the fourth installment in Stanley Cohen’s new series on Prison America. It is an account told firsthand from within the walls, cells and bunks of Canaan Prison in north-east PA. A direct witness account of a system of justice steaming along in a totally broken system. The economy of our nation relies … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen in Canaan… Part Four”

Stanley Cohen in Canaan…Part Three

I stand with Stanley Cohen. Human rights attorneys are as marginalized as the oppressed they represent. Truth does not need multiple billion dollar infusions to move dark agendas forward. Grassroots are strong. I’m there with my fellows in fertile soil. We are growing together. We flourish: you and I in solidarity. Hello Mensch! Source: It Ain’t … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen in Canaan…Part Three”

Stanley Cohen in Canaan… Part Two

Part Two of a view behind the eyes of a fertile mind and an amazing soul. This is a second look at daily existence in Prison America. It’s dark and it’s depressing and it’s real: the cancer that blooms in the darkness of our prison industrial complex. A grinding mill for human beings who do … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen in Canaan… Part Two”

Stanley Cohen in Canaan

The first part of a new series in the annals of Prison America. Where many of you did not live through the year 2015, Stanley Cohen did. At great cost but with an unbroken spirit, Stanley remained caged but undaunted. I am reminded of Gandalf the Grey and his extended time battling a balrog. The stuff … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen in Canaan”

George Orwell and Stanley Cohen

The William Kunstler of our time, defender of the super-underdog, has been in prison since January 5, 2015. Human rights attorneys are a rare breed. Perhaps an endangered species. Q.What do lawyers and sperm have in common? A: A one in a million shot at being human. -Stephen Fry So Stanley Cohen is one in … Continue reading “George Orwell and Stanley Cohen”