Kalief Browder Learned How to Commit Suicide on Rikers

Jennifer Gonnerman is the journalist I credit with introducing me to a young man trapped as thoroughly as the protagonist Kafka introduced in his uncompleted novel Der Prozess (The Trial), a recognition of injustices that compel gentle souls to scream at the every day horror of the everyday. One year ago billziegler1947 became a vehicle for transporting … Continue reading “Kalief Browder Learned How to Commit Suicide on Rikers”


You can be racist to the marrow and yet declare that each of your bones is bigotry free. Racism gets results. Racism garners votes. Racism even improves approval ratings. Trump’s approval with Republicans rose by 5 points in a poll taken after his racist tweets Reverse racism is as prevalent as Marxist Fascism. Literally. Nice … Continue reading ““AND SOME, I ASSUME, ARE GOOD PEOPLE.””

Stanley Cohen: 2016 Person of the Year

Stanley Cohen was a bright silver lining in 2016 — and now in 2017. By simply being himself he bestows hope to the most fiendishly exploited  and he always buoys the spirits of his worldwide supporters. I flip the calendar back to 2015 and remember when Stanley spent 11/12ths of 2015 in the Canaan PA … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen: 2016 Person of the Year”

Stanley Cohen in Canaan… Part Four

Linked below is the fourth installment in Stanley Cohen’s new series on Prison America. It is an account told firsthand from within the walls, cells and bunks of Canaan Prison in north-east PA. A direct witness account of a system of justice steaming along in a totally broken system. The economy of our nation relies … Continue reading “Stanley Cohen in Canaan… Part Four”

George Orwell and Stanley Cohen

The William Kunstler of our time, defender of the super-underdog, has been in prison since January 5, 2015. Human rights attorneys are a rare breed. Perhaps an endangered species. Q.What do lawyers and sperm have in common? A: A one in a million shot at being human. -Stephen Fry So Stanley Cohen is one in … Continue reading “George Orwell and Stanley Cohen”