La lunga notte del libertino

La lunga notte del libertino by Davide Mana

An interview with Davide Mana, renowned author and paleontologist, by M.K. TOD “A Writer of History.”

It is my distinct honor to be among Mr. Mana’s longtime readers and followers. In turn, Davide is also an esteemed personage on BillZiegler1947.

Synchronicity Gone Wild: Karavansara and Me

If you are a science fiction fan, at any level, I implore you to consider following Davide Mana’s astonishingly delightful websites. This one is, of course, in Italian; but you can also avail yourself of his equally marvelous website that Davide publishes in English language.

Karavansara Live

Please know that you are assured of the finest, and informationally rewarding, sites on the internet. Be certain to click in your seatbelt before surfing. Enjoy the ride.

Thanks for your every consideration.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

3 thoughts on “La lunga notte del libertino”

  1. Ich danke dir ebenfalls, mein Freund. Italienisch kann ich nicht so gut wie Spanisch, bzw. Französisch bzw. Latein verstehen könne. Die Deutschen, in den Germanisten Traditionen, führten nach Italien, um nicht so teutonisch aussehen zu müssen. Tod in Venedig von Thomas Mann ist ein superbes Beispiel der Sache. Mach’s gut!


    1. It is a joy to meet a fellow polyglot on BillZiegler1947, kind Sir!
      West Germany in the early 1970s for 18 months brought me fluency, and I was lucky enough to have a roommate who spoke no English.I spent a Weihnachten in his Elterns Dorf and got to see photos von der Weltkriegzeit.Echte Erlebungen…
      I also use Duolingo and recommend it highly. Presently using it to learn Arabic. There are also many YouTube sites put together by exiled Palestinians from the Nakba. Netflix was courageous enough to broadcast the series. I have not yet viewed it, but it gets good reviews from non-Zionist sources.
      I have a pretty decent library of German materials of all kinds. Actually, some of them may be found on my LibraryThing account online. I could send you a link via email.
      Of course there is jede Menge of resources at
      zum Wohl!


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