Critics of Critical Race Theory

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: Using critical thinking skills to counter the lies that keep blacks disenfranchised, red-lined, gentrified out of urban neighborhoods, denied jobs for trumped-up reasons, blocked from the polls, disproportionally prevented from accessing services taken for granted by whites, limited to a food-desert grocery/gas station, falsely imprisoned, denied reparation… ad nauseam. Slavery has never really disappeared, has it? How many trillion dollars in free labor did it take to advance the US from an agrarian to an industrial powerhouse? Does it matter?

I am a daily witness to the white-supremacist presumption that whitewashes everything in American society from Pocatello, Idaho to Lynchburg, Virginia AND all points of the compass originally stolen from indigenous peoples in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Dying in a Hospital While Black The Conversation

Modern-day lynchings take many forms: dying while sleeping in Louisville, being shot by a kid I won’t dignify by providing his name while worshiping, rolling past a stop sign, being suffocated when a police officer chooses to take a knee… on a black man’s neck.

Talking heads do not report on anyone who had just witnessed the execution of a black COVID-19 victim placed on a respirator. They do not report that multiple witnesses observed black patients being violently lynched by medical procedure. If these events are not reported by media, are they false? Did they happen?

LAW MAKERS: White political functionaries

CLARENCE THOMAS: A white-supremacist Supreme Court Justice. The blackest guy on the bench is actually the whitest of all, ruling in an injustice system from Hell that contorts all amendments relating with equal opportunity to include what I call an “except clause.”

…except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted

That except clause is a “get someone into jail” card that never expires. It is a lynching instrument that permits an “officer of the law” to stop black kids and to ask them for identification, then to keep that ID — a souvenir if you will. The next time a fellow “officer of the law” asks for that kid’s ID, he is authorized to take him into custody. The identification card can literally end up in a cigar box. Jim Crow never dies. The bail-bond system is another means deployed to qualify ADOS to the prison system — another deliberately designed feature. 

The Except Clause, an account I published in Sept. 2020

PRISON REFORM: Any action taken to keep Jim Crow alive. Drafting laws to make it easier to incarcerate blacks for any reason or for no reason. That reason might just be: routinized police racism.

AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALIST HISTORY: I propose that American history be released in two volumes, labelled Genocide and Slavery.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: Genocide and Slavery

BLACK LIVES MATTER (BLM): Ignorant Thieving Arsonists Setting Fire To Their Own Buildings. All you need to know if you are in your white mind. This would include faux information on George Floyd’s “criminal history.” That Mr. Floyd was asking for it, so he got what he wanted.

Systemic racism occurs behind both open and closed doors, but also when blacks are prescribed poisons or given “procedures” designed to kill them rapidly and anonymously. Were independent witnesses all delusional regarding what they saw?

How many times does any of this show up on any popular media source? This stuff is built into every sector of a false patriot’s proud-boy life. Everything is whitewashed daily. I am talking about zombies walking around without imagining an independent critical thought ever. Parrot-like at every level of regurgitation. Apologists for those police officers routinely shoot innocent driving-while-black people guilty of harboring a broken taillight. These five words are enough to explain anything: I FEARED FOR MY LIFE. So, you shot an unarmed man in the back. Is that what you did?

Thanks for reading.

Author: Bill Ziegler

I am a former resident of Delhi Township. These are memories of my life and times in that community during the 1950s and 1960s. A time capsule.

17 thoughts on “Critics of Critical Race Theory”

  1. Dear Bill,

    Hi! How have you been?

    Thank you very much for showcasing so clearly and commendably the insidious nature of perverting critical race theory for nefarious purposes and for justifying, obfuscating or muddying the waters of systemic racism and historical negationism. I concur with you regarding the tricky and treacherous nature of such matters. In a similar vein, one of my latest posts highlights the various traps awaiting us from the fallouts of the main event regarding the SCOTUS’ decisions on abortion and its striking down Roe v. Wade, which can have various implications and ramifications for the following:

    Reproductive freedoms…
    LGBTQ freedoms…
    Contraceptive freedoms…
    Migrants freedoms…
    The freedom of liberty (common sense gun safety, and police reform)…
    The right to vote…

    Given your position and concerns, you are hereby invited to peruse my latest post entitled “🏛️⚖️ The Facile and Labile Nature of Law: Beyond the Supreme Court and Its Ruling on Controversial Matters 🗽🗳️🔫🤰🧑‍🤝‍🧑💉“, as I am certainly very keen and curious about what you will make of my said post published at

    🏛️⚖️ The Facile and Labile Nature of Law: Beyond the Supreme Court and Its Ruling on Controversial Matters 🗽🗳️🔫🤰🧑‍🤝‍🧑💉

    Please enjoy my latest post!

    May you have a wonderful and productive week ahead!

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. I much appreciate your informed comment, SoundEagle. The divides in this society are widening and growing deeper rapidly. I agree with you on the people affected by the end of Roe. Another important one is the right to privacy, politicians and court justices are eroding these rights, and they are doing so with impunity.
      I look forward to reading your blog entry on this and other topics.
      Thank you kindly.

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  2. I have been waiting for this and I shall re-blog it tomorrow at the height of my blog traffic. I want to thank you SO very much for posting this.

    As you know, I am hell bent on making it a well known fact just what kind of shit that’s being swept under the rug in the racist burg that I reside. Whites are busy talking about how Black people are criminals and yet whites have no problem committing crimes because they know that their white counterparts will cover up their crimes and in fact, aid in their criminal acts by hiding the crimes that they have committed and then go on to become mayor; a mayor that makes sure that a fiefdom like situation is in place to keep the Blacks in this small burg doing worse than an African cobalt miner.

    Racist experimentation was performed on me in Lynchburg, Virginia at Virginia Baptist Hospital in September 2017 and I aim to get the license, yanked of the neo-Nazi that performed that Nazi procedure on me that has made my life a living hell. His name is “Dr. Lewis Dabney.” And I will not stop until he has been stripped of his license. I will also not stop until that racist mayor has resigned and “Centra Health” has been broken up because Black people are dying in droves thanks to these racists in this burg using us as guinea pigs in their experiments. What better place to perform experiments on Black people than a burg that is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is an insulated community run like a fiefdom because no one even bothers from the outside world to dig into what the hell is going on here. I have been giving notices to vacate my apartment simply because I am the ONLY one who is taking these racists down here, head on. I had to contact a news station outside of Lynchburg in order to get my story, headlined. On February 10th, I made headline news at a news station outside of Lynchburg because of what I reported as in being given a 60-day vacate notice for NO reason. The Lynchburg news station, WSET 13 refused to report on the issue. I handled that just like I handle ALL these racists here, I went outside of Lynchburg to get it done. That is why they want me gone as in dead or homeless because I am all that is standing between them and total control of what they consider to be their fiefdom. The rest of the Black people are all shucking and jiving to the tune of these racists because they are terrified of them, but not me, never that. And I shall continue as long as there is breath in my body to fight back against a menace that is so deadly to us, it should never have been allowed on this planet.

    Bill, what you just wrote here, it brought tears to my eyes because you are as unlike the shits that I am fighting against, it is like night and day. You give me hope, Bill. And I want you to know that I do realize that I have said some horrible things in many of my blogs, but please know that none of what I have written pertains to you and the few who are like you. I will always be honored to call you, friend. Please know and believe that. And thank you for this! It will MOST DEFINITELY be re-blogged on June 27th, 2022.

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  3. Maybe Justice Thomas should be reminded that if the country reverted back to the conditions it was in during the 19th and early 20th centuries, which he seems to be trying to do, he himself would probably be in jail for daring to marry a white woman, he never would have been able to get into law school, probably wouldn’t have even been able to get into college at all.

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    1. You are absolutely correct, grouchyfarmer. He is another functionary installed to carry out the wishes of the far-right wing that now defines the GOP (the de facto Party of Trump). He would have been lynched at the town square in those times, even before he could be taken to a jail cell.

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    2. I guess Clarence Thomas has forgotten all about Emmett Till and the fact that the woman who got him heinously tortured and murdered has since recanted her story. I am sure Emmett Till is relieved. Your comment rings true, but would ring hollow in Clarence Thomas’s ears.

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      1. Clarence Thomas deliberately pushes all thoughts of Emmett Till away. He doesn’t have the cajones to emit a single sigh of gratitude for the multitudes of his race who sacrificed everything they had, including their very lives, to allow Clarence to despise them from the highest court of the land.

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  4. Note: Comment entered by Petal, an avid reader of this blog.
    As you know, having a handicapped and vulnerable wife, it is 100% true refusal of treatment to a so-called complicated case extends to more than black patients. However, I am incensed at the audacity these Texas medicos employed when choosing when a patient should be taken off life support. Much the same as taking one spouse in for hospital intervention in Covid while sending the husband home to cure on his own. When she got home he had been dead for days. Can you imagine the thirst and hunger as he lay too weak and too helpless to get out of bed? Its horrifying. I’ve had my own horror stories in hospital, and avoid them as much as possible. When I was younger I was treated differently. I have also known genuinely caring and giving care. They serve to further condemn those who break you down and let you know your life and it’s quality mean nothing. Just another blip in the daily grind.


    1. Thank you for the incisive comment, Rosaliene. The civil divide is widening rapidly and becoming more bitter by the day. And the mountain of assault rifles out there would make it very deadly indeed.

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    1. Hello Rotimi, Shelby is a national treasure, she never rests upon any laurels and states things exactly as they are in that godforsaken Racistburg textbook case of banal systemic white supremacism.
      Thank you for your blog, I look forward to reading it.


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